Weed Control

 Dandelions are popping up in a lot of yards; now is the time to start spraying. Experts say spraying the flower with weed killer is pretty good, but it's better to get them before they flower, when they are still small and green.  Home owners should "spot spray" weeds; walk your yard with a bottle of weed killer and just spray individual Dandelions. This is enviromentally better than "broadcast" spraying. If the Dandelion is still very small, one can pull them out of the ground. However, if the pesky weed is quite large, pulling them will only result in more Dandelions in the future because their tap root is so large and deep, it can be difficult to get the whole root out of the ground.   

Graffiti Reports in Neighborhoods

The Spokane Graffiti Prevention Facebook page done through the Spokane County Sheriff Department released the number of graffiti reports per neighborhood this morning. The numbers are based on reports in the city limits called in between January 1st and April 30th, 2011. The neighborhood with the highest amount of incidents: Riverside. The neighborhood with the lowest: a tie between North Indian Trail and West Hills. Some neighborhoods are not on this list. Missing from this list are Minnehaha, Manito-Cannon Hill, Grandview/Thorpe, Five Mile Prairie, Comstock and Balboa/Sound Indian Trail.

Suspect Praises K9 Officer For A Job Well Done

An armed robbery suspect who held up the G&B Grocery Store with another man has nothing but nice things to say about the K9 officer who caught him.Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at the G&B Grocery store at 2104 East Francis Wednesday night. The victim reported two men, later identified as 23-year-old Jenson Richards of Spokane and 22-year-old Steven Shoffner of Medical Lake, entered the store and demanded cash and cigarettes. They also indicated that they had a gun.Richards and Shoffner ran from the scene when they got what they wanted, but were spotted a short time later near Napa and Decatur. Richards was caught and arrested, but Shoffner kept running.K9 Officer Shawn Kendall and his dog, Stryder, tracked Shoffner to a garage in an alley in the 1700 block of East Decatur. Stryder quickly found him hiding under a mattress with a hatchet-like weapon and officers were able to arrest him.The money and cigarettes were recovered, but no gun was found.Shoffner and Richards were arrested for First Degree Roberry. Shoffner was transported to a local hospital for treatment on minor injuries he got from the K9 capture.After his arrest Shoffner told officers he thought Stryder did a great job and that police officer would not have located him without the K9.

Man Stabbed Outside Top Hat Pub

Spokane Police are investigating a stabbing at the Top Hat Pub in North Spokane.The stabbing happened just before two a.m. at the bar located near Division and Francis.Officers say a man inside the bar took a phone call outside where he got into a fight with a man police identify as Bobby Galloway in the bar's parking lot.  

Families Near Northtown Evacuated For Gas Line Rupture

Several families were forced to evacuate their homes when a gas line ruptured along Division Street.A cement cutter ruptured the two-inch pipe carrying natural gas at Division and Queen near Northtown Mall.Firefighters evacuated homes within seven blocks of the leak as a precaution.Most were allowed back in their homes by one a.m.

Marcella's Royal Dress

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, which means Kate Middleton has a lot to be flattered about when it comes to her wedding dress.  Replicas of her gown are popping up everywhere.  And now, a replica has popped up in Spokane.Marcella Davis of Marcella's Bridal created the dress in less than a week.  She says she had all of the fabric, lace and trim needed to create the Alexander McQueen look-alike.  She popped into the KXLY studio tonight to show off the dress.  Check out Marcella's Facebook page to see the dress.

Spokane's River is now Hot 96.9

As many of our loyal listeners may have discovered today, the KXLY Radio Group has changed formats on one of our stations.  As of 3:05 pm, Spokane's River 96.9 became Hot 96.9. The new 96.9 is playing Spokane's hottest music, artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and more. Find out more about Hot 96.9 at  or check out the . Hot 96.9 is also on .

Bridging The Train Tracks

The new Havana Street bridge over the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad tracks is really beginning to take shape now that the girders have been put in place. Construction of the bridge just north of the Spokane Interstate Fair & Expo Center began last year.  The section of Havana between Broadway and Trent has always been a trouble spot for drivers who often found themselves waiting for trains to pass.

Seen in Peaceful Valley

South Hill Twitter user, @ErickDoxey, spotted this display of Bloomsday shirts in Peaceful Valley this afternoon. How many years of shirts featured in this photograph do you have in your collection? I'd tell you my number, but it's embarrassing. Hint: It rhymes with hero. 

Help the Spokane River By Watching Youtube!

First impression: That's a fish in a mall. That's a talking fish in a mall. Oh my goodness that talking fish in a mall is giving kisses to Aveda employees. Is that sanitary?That fish is actually a . It's all part of who are working on water issues. There are 20 non-profits nationally that are teamed up with Aveda. Locally, Aveda stores have partnered with the to produce this video as part of their submission to the national contest.

Lewis And Clark Senior All Nighter 2011 Fund-Raiser

 The Lewis and Clark Senior All Nighter 2011 Fund-Raiser will be at South Perry Pizza on Monday, May 16th from 5:30-8pm. Your $30 ticket buys unlimited pizza and salad and two beers from Northern Lights. Seating is limited for this event so don't delay. Buy your tickets at www.LCSENIORS.org

Seen on the South Hill

Tucked away just beyond Polly Judd Park is a makeshift memorial. It was spotted by Twitter user, @ErickDoxey and his young Twitter padawan, @ClarkDoxey. It overlooks the Latah Valley neighborhood just off of Highway 195.

City Says Lincoln Street Storm Gardens Working Fine

A spokesperson for the City of Spokane reports new storm gardens on the city's South Hill are working as expected.The city installed the gardens on Lincoln Street in the summer of 2010. They're intended to divert storm water off the streets, filter it through the soil and then direct it to the pond in Cannon Hill Park instead of the city's sewer system. The system is designed to prevent raw sewage from flowing into the Spokane River. During large storms, rain water and sewage would overwhelm the city's combined sewer system and overflows would dump into the river.City spokesperson Marlene Feist said the storm garden system is working fine. Neighbors around the park have complained about dead turtles, fish and frogs in the pond and blame the new system. Feist said the dead animals are typical during the spring because the pond freezes for much of the winter. The animals are killed by low water levels and poor water quality.

Spring Barrel Tasting

17 Spokane Wineries will open their doors and wine barrels this weekend for the Annual Spring Barrel Tasting.  It's a chance for wine enthusiasts to meet wine makers and sample new wines.  The number of Wineries in Spokane has doubled in the past ten years.  Barrister Winery was the eighth winery in the area when it opened ten years ago.  Now there are 17.  Barrister's Greg Lipster said the Spring Barrel Tasting is a chance to discover new wines.   "Sometimes people are intimidated by wine and wine tastings, "  Lipster said.  "They think they have to know something about wine.  Spring Barrel Tasting is great because you can come in a non-threatening atmosphere and taste wines and enjoy yourself.   It can be a lot of fun."  The Barrel tasting is Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.  You can download a map of the participating wines here: http://www.spokanewineries.net/SWA_map.pdf  

DeLeon's Celebrating Cinco De Mayo With Tamale Specials

Sergio DeLeon says he wants to share the Mexican Tradition of tamales with everyone in Spokane. "In Mexico it's a tradition for families to get together and make tamales. It's how we celebrate the holidays. And they taste good," said DeLeon, who owns DeLeon's Grocery and Mexican Deli on 102 East Francis. DeLeon's will sell their beef, chicken and pork tamales all week long for $15 a dozen in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. "People have been calling like crazy to get our tamales. The easiest way to make sure we have some is to give a call and put your order in. We've got lots of catering for Cinco de Mayo. Business really picks up this time of year," said DeLeon. DeLeon's Grocery and Deli102 East FrancisSpokane, Washington 99208509-483-3033 

Crazy G's Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Crazy G's is affectionately called a heart attack in a burger by the KXLY crew who frequents the joint.  In layman's terms, that means it's good, topped with sauteed mushrooms and unions and secret sauce.  It's a guilty pleasure, when you eat there the calorie counting goes out the window.  It's essential if you truly want to enjoy the delicious burger.  And now, there's an even better reason to eat there.  The owners are offering $1 off combo orders this Friday, May 6th.  They're celebrating two years in business and you get to reap the benefits.  Check it out.  Crazy G's is on 821 N. Division, right next to the Jewelry Design Center.

22nd Annual Mother's Day Walking Tour This Weekend

22nd Annual Mother's Day Walking TourHistoric Corbin Park NeighborhoodMay 7 & 8 (12-4 pm) Tickets are available starting April 30 at the MAC 10 am – 5 pm Wed - Sat and during Mother's Day Tour hours (12-5 pm) at the tent check-in station located at , 2914 N. West Oval St.. Ticket prices: $10 for MAC members; $15 for non-members.   Free carriage rides around the park oval to visit houses.

SFCC Reveals New Music Building

Spokane Falls Community College held a dedication ceremony today for their new music building at 3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive.  The newly renovated, 47, 571 square-foot building brings all the music programs under one LEED Silver-certified roof, creating an environment solely dedicated to music and the recording arts.  Today's dedication featured Chamber Singers, Jazz Combos and a piano soloist, highlighting many of the buildings unique features.  Guided tours were available and visitors were invited to see students demonstrating cutting edge equipment in the basement recording studio.  The building also features a digital audio lab, a keyboard lab and multiple, acoustically treated practice areas for students to practice in.  A second-floor piano studio, ensemble room and two studio rooms feature a spring-loaded floating floor for insulating sound between floors.

Snyder Recaps Monday's City Council Meeting

Did you know that your elected city council member, Jon Synder, blogs a Tuesday morning recap of Monday's city council meeting? He turns five-hour meetings into just a couple of paragraphs for you to read. Last night's major moments was the discussion of Kendall Yards and once again the Unified Development Code which has been plaguing the council meetings for weeks.

RiverLit Debuts Second Issue Next Week

The second issue of RiverLit is about to be released to the public. It's a quarterly literary arts magazine featuring Spokane-area poets and authors. It's run by the non-profit, Riverspeak, a Spokane-based community forum for new and established artists to share work, connect and build community.To celebrate the launch of the most recent issue of RiverLit, featured artists in the publication will read their work at the . The featured artists are listed below in a screenshot of the table of contents.

At Gonzaga, Future Army Officers Remaining Focused On Mission

For former, current and future soldiers, the death of Osama Bin Laden is significant and brings a feeling of relief.But it also reaffirms the mission they have been carrying out in the Global War on Terror for the past 10 years and that bin Laden's death in no way does means their job is done."It's important, it's significant, it's meaningful," Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alan Westfield, an Assistant Professor of Military Sciences at Gonzaga University, said.Osama Bin Laden's death is also personal for thousands of members of the armed forces, like Lt. Col. Westfield. Since 9/11, Westfield has helped prepare more than 200 men and women to serve as officers in the Army.

Get "Plugged In" To Electric Vehicles

So, you've heard all about the wonders of electric vehicles (EV's), but can't get over one lingering question: "what happens if I run out of juice while I'm driving?"Dan Davids is here to help answer that question.  Davids is the President of Plug In America, an EV advocacy group, and he helps communities determine what works when it comes to EV charging stations for homes, businesses, and out on the street.  Davids himself is living proof that EV transportation can work - he's been driving an all-electric car for more than four years.

Yanni to Play Tonight

Yanni is in town and will be performing tonight at the INB Performing Arts Center. His music has taken many turns over the years and being labeled New Age hasn't hurt in the least. Self tought on piano since age 6 and having left Greece when he was 16, there is a lot for him to pull from. You can call 1-800-325-SEAT or go to www.ticketswest.com .  Enjoy the show.

You're Invited To The Salvation Army Golf Tournament

The Spokane Salvation Army wants to invite golf enthusiasts to the 25th Annual Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011.The tournament takes place at the Spokane Country Club at 2010 W. Waikiki Road.Individuals and businesses can donate $150 to $2,000 to play or it's only $50 to attend the dinner and auction.