Welcome to the Garland District, Blue Button Apparel!

Blue Button Apparel, a local non-profit social enterprise, has moved from their Hillyard location to a new store in the Garland District, 602 W. Garland. They started production of printing at the new location May 3rd after officially starting the "great move-in" April 30th.They were founded by Whitworth graduate, Scott Ellis, in March of 2008. His degree was in Business Management, but had been involved in the outdoor apparel industry for many years and wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on the local community.

Three Youngins' Join the O'Doherty's Family

All they had to do was sing a song. They chose "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Or at least their mothers chose it for them. For now the Nasenbeny and Mueller family won't have to worry about their kids getting their first beer half off. Instead they'll get their first glass of milk half-off. Lucy and Will Nasenbeny's mother said, "They're not allowed to have soda yet." Now they won't have to sing on the bar on their 21st birthday.Back story: If you sing on the bar at , you become an "O'Doherty's Family Member". Your first beer will always be half-off. Plus you get to put a dollar on the wall.

Help Shape Instructional Material At Spokane Public Schools

Spokane Public Schools' Citizens Advisory Committee for Human Growth and Development will have openings for member-at-large and/or alternate positions for the 2011-12 academic year.Residents of the school district are eligible to apply for these positions.The Citizens Advisory Committee for Human Growth and Development is responsible for reviewing all instructional materials and program components pertaining to the K-12 human growth and development curriculum. The committee meets from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesdays, six times throughout the year.

Do You Recognize This Man?

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office needs your help identifying a potential residential burglary suspect. Detectives beleive the man, pictured above, used a burglary victim's credit card at an ATM at Washington Trust Bank on Sullivan Road. If you recognize this person call Crime Check at 456 2233 or Detective Mark Renz at 477-3330.

Rain Or Shine: I Love A Jr. Lilac Parade

Refreshing showers will make this year's Jr. Lilac Parade even more delightful than usual.  Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch.  I've been rooting for sunshine for Saturday morning all week, but it looks like showers are a near certainty for the 60th Annual Parade (click here for the latest radar).  Nevertheless, it promises to be a great event, as this time-honored Mothers' Day Weekend tradition just keeps getting better and better. 

Five Days Later Some Bloomsday Trash Remains

Five days have passed since 51,000 runners crossed the finish line and yet, a lot of Bloomsday trash remains. Viewers called KXLY Friday morning to tell us that about cups and other trash lining the Bloomsday course. And quite simply: we had to see it to believe it. Bloomsday does such a great job cleaning the streets that it was hard to comprehend trash left behind. But alas it is true.

Defense Secretary Speaking at WSU Commencement Saturday

In his first public appearance since the death of Osama Bin Laden earlier this week, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be the keynote speaker Saturday at WSU's graduation.It's not a stretch to understand why Gates would accept such an offer. His wife is a Coug; Becky graduated in 1965 with a degree in history and his on WSU's College of Liberal Arts Advisory Council. The couple's son Brad also graduated from WSU.The ceremony gets underway at 11:30 am at Beasley Coliseum. It is open to the public - and, could be an interesting speech to listen to, if Gates addresses the Bin Laden killing pubicly for the first time.

Free Comic Book Day

If you're looking to score some free comic books, Saturday, May 7, is Free Comic Book Day, an annual event where participating stores give away free comic books. In addition to the comics, most local comic stores have other special events planned throughout the day.The Comic Book Shop (located in Norhtown Mall) will have comic creators Andy Owens and Jason Gorder on hand to sign autographs from 1pm to 3pm, along with Batman (from 1pm to 3pm) and characters from Star Wars (3pm to 5pm).Merlyn's Comics (located at 19 W. Main) will have a caricature artist and costume contest, among other activities.

Massage For A Good Cause

What a great way to start the weekend - a Massage for the Cause.  Local  massage therapists are hosting a benefit fundraiser for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami tonight (Friday, May 6th) at the Northside Church of Christ (5601 N Jefferson).  In addition to delightful chair massages (I had one this afternoon, and I feel like a NEW WOMAN), there will be Japanese themed activities for kids, food, and Taiko drumming.  The fun and healing starts at 5:00 and continues until 9:00. 

What's Your View?

Our view in the newsroom consists of a fake window that shows a sunset on Maple street bridge. Meanwhile, we live vicariously through other people's views at their office. Twitter user, @SpokaneGopher, shared his view at USKH Inc., an architectural and engineering firm in the Flour Mill. Not going to lie, I'm a little jealous.  Send me your view and I'll upload it below. 

SYSA Breakfast

Join SYSA for a complimentary fundraising breakfast on June 2, 2011 at the Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights. Everyone who attends has the opportunity to contribute to the SYSA Scholarship Program for Spokane area kids to ensure they have a chance to play.Not only will you receive a fabulous breakfast, Robyn Nance will be there along with Neil Everett, of ESPN.To RSVP, contact Kris at SYSA (509) 536-1800 or before May 27th.

Free Stroke Screening

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States.  More than 130,000 people die every year. A stroke an interruptions of blood supply to any part of the brain. People who smoke, are overweight, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are at increased risk for a stroke.  St. Luke's Rehab is hosting a free Stroke screening this week end.  Participants will get their cholesterol, body fat, body mass index, blood pressure and blood glucose checks.  A full lipid panel cholesterol screening is also available for $20 dollars.To register go to 

Another Ghost Bike Appears

By now you've seen the ghost bike at Sprague and Division from last year's fatal accident in March. It was left in memorial to David L. Squires who was killed in a hit and run.

5 Pound Burrito Eating Contest

A Spokane nightclub's Cinco de Mayo Challenge was not for those with a weak stomach.The Marquee Lounge challenged patrons to wolf down 5 pound burritos Thursday night."Its a lot like giving birth into your mouth," said one competitor.Taco Del Mar sponsored the contest.Marcus Kelsey won the contest and the $50 gift certificate up for grabs.

Having It All Thanks To Stella And Dot

Giving up a budding career to be a stay-at-home mom is a life altering adjustment.  Just ask California transport Vanessa Wheat, who gave up work as a successful advertising rep. at Spokane Metro Magazine to stay at home with her brand new baby girl almost two years ago.She'll be the first to tell you she feels fortunate to be able to stay at home with her daughter.  However, she'll also be the first to admit it's a tough transition from working woman to mommy, giving up a career and the independence that comes with it.

Junior Lilac Parade Set for Saturday

Lilacs blooming across the region signify the beginning of spring and the beginning of parade season. The Spokane Jr. Lilac Parade is set for Saturday May, 7th at 10 a.m. in downtown Spokane. The Parade, sponsored by the Rotaract Club, will feature more than 70 local marching bands, drill teams and floats.

Severe Weather Awareness Week: Do You Know What To Do?

Last week's horrific, record-shattering tornado outbreak had many of us breathing a sigh of relief that we live so far away from "tornado alley".  That said, we do get our own brand of severe weather here in the Inland Northwest, and it's important that we know what to do when it happens.  This is "Severe Weather Awareness Week", and our local National Weather Service office has a series of special reports chock-full of important information about weather dangers right here where we live.  Flooding, tornadoes, wind, lightning and wildfires - to learn more.

Spokane's First Dog Park Prepares For Busy Spring Season

SPOKANE-- The first off-leash dog park within city limits opened at High Bridge Park in January and it's about to enter it's busy season. In preparation Spokanimal is holding dog park etiquette classes.  Here is their press release: Spring has sprung in Spokane, and unfixed dogs are in heat.  Dogs can have behavior changes in the spring, and with the advent of the sunny skies, the dog park will be getting busier than ever. 

Off-Leash Park To Hold Etiquette Class For Dogs, Humans

In January dogs and their humans across Spokane rejoiced when the city's first off-leash dog park opened. Now it's time to understand the rules when you visit the Spokanimal Dog Park at High Bridge Park.The first dog park in the city of Spokane opened just four months ago and it's about to enter it's busy season with spring hopefully on the way. So, in preparation Spokanimal is holding etiquette classes to get Spokane residents and their dogs ready.The dog park is 12 acres of heaven for most dogs with plenty of room to run, chase balls and socialize. The park is open from dawn until dusk daily.

Suspicious Device Prompts Spokesman-Review Evacuation

The Spokesman Review building was briefly evacuated after a security guard reported a suspicious package in their loading dock. The bomb squad quickly determined it was not an explosive device.Initially the report came in that a security guard found the device, reportedly a red tube, was found in the loading dock. The Spokane Police Department sent officers to the scene to investigate but were initially unable to located the object.It was later found inside the building.The Spokesman Review tweeted that, A perimeter was established and the bomb squad sent a technician in who quickly determined that it was not an explosive device.

Browne's Addition Rosauers Has Solution For Bicyclists

You're ready to do some grocery shopping in Browne's Addition. You rode in on your ride of steel. Maybe it's a fixie or maybe it's a mountain bike. One problem... where do you lock it up?This came up during Wednesday's neighborhood council meeting. The bike rack currently provided at Rosauers is a little... sketchy (see below).

May Extreme Team Project Chosen

May's Extreme Team was announced Wednesday and Lila and her daughter Toni will recieve lots of help. Last month during the Premier Home Show the Spokane Home Builders Association asked those coming in to nominate people for the "Where does your home hurt" contest. Out of hundreds of of nominations it was decided that Lila and Toni would recieve the help...mainly in the back yard. On May 16 and continuing to Thursday the 19th , The Extreme Team will rework the back yard for ease of use as Lila has some medical issues, and a corner for just peace and quiet. Congratulations from the Spokane Home Remodelers and KXLY 4's Extreme Team.

Weed Control

 Dandelions are popping up in a lot of yards; now is the time to start spraying. Experts say spraying the flower with weed killer is pretty good, but it's better to get them before they flower, when they are still small and green.  Home owners should "spot spray" weeds; walk your yard with a bottle of weed killer and just spray individual Dandelions. This is enviromentally better than "broadcast" spraying. If the Dandelion is still very small, one can pull them out of the ground. However, if the pesky weed is quite large, pulling them will only result in more Dandelions in the future because their tap root is so large and deep, it can be difficult to get the whole root out of the ground.   

Graffiti Reports in Neighborhoods

The Spokane Graffiti Prevention Facebook page done through the Spokane County Sheriff Department released the number of graffiti reports per neighborhood this morning. The numbers are based on reports in the city limits called in between January 1st and April 30th, 2011. The neighborhood with the highest amount of incidents: Riverside. The neighborhood with the lowest: a tie between North Indian Trail and West Hills. Some neighborhoods are not on this list. Missing from this list are Minnehaha, Manito-Cannon Hill, Grandview/Thorpe, Five Mile Prairie, Comstock and Balboa/Sound Indian Trail.