Seattle Seahawks

Turnovers sink Seahawks in 23-16 loss to Rams

For the second straight week the Seattle Seahawks take a loss and they can blame turnovers for their struggles.  The Rams beat Seattle 23-16 to pull even with the Seahawks for first place in the NFC West.

Fantasy Football gives rare form of camaraderie

It's been a lonely six months in the world of sports, first no sports were being played at all, now we get the pro's but we have to watch at home with nobody allowed in the stands.  This year above others, Fantasy Football could go a long way in lifting the spirits of sports fans during the pandemic.

NFL cancels preseason schedule for 2020

All 32 teams in the NFL will have to start the regular season without any fine tuning in preseason games. This has been a stipulation that a majority of the NFL Players Association has fought for with the league…

NFL approves 3 rule changes for 2020

There are three minor changes to the rulebook in the upcoming NFL season, but the 4th-and-15 alternative to an onside kick was not developed enough to pass this year. Under that proposed rule, the "kicking" team would have the option…

Seahawks sign QB Geno Smith as Russell Wilson's back up

Russell Wilson does not miss games at quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, but they resigned the same player that backed him up last year in Geno Smith. Washington State's quarterback last year, Anthony Gordon, was signed as a free…