4 News Now Q&A: How safe is your vote?

You have probably read the headlines, or scrolled through the tweets. At the center of it all is concern about election security, fueled by a president who believes voter fraud is rampant during this election. But how accurate are those claims? 

4 News Now Q&A: College and COVID-19

Q: How is college planning different for this year's class of graduates? A: We're just getting settled into a new school year, but it's already time for high…

4 News Now Q&A: Flu or COVID-19?

We know both the flu and coronavirus spread through droplets from the nose and mouth. Both can spread before people even know they're sick. With all of these similarities, many are wondering how to tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19. 

4 News Now Q&A: Debunking face mask myths

Myth No. 1: Wearing a mask won't really protect me from the virus According to research from the University of Washington, the latest projection says more than 179,000 Americans will die by…