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When it comes to business, it’s pet friendly for the win

For businesses, the way to the heart of many Americans just may be through their pets. With pet parenting on the rise, and people spending even more time, affection, and money on their pets, pleasing pet parents is a solid way for businesses to gain an edge. Pet parents love businesses who love their furry kids, and they’re willing to spend a little more and go a little further out of their way to show their appreciation. That means there are a number of different ways businesses can win with this large and growing demographic.

Wolves in Idaho, Montana could get federal oversight

Two conservation groups asked the Biden administration to reinstate a federal monitoring program to oversee the management of gray wolves in Idaho and Montana following changes in wolf hunting laws in the two states intended to drastically reduce wolf numbers.

Send us your photos for National Dog Day!

Do you love dogs? So do we! Thursday is National Dog Day and we don't think there is a better way to celebrate than to create a gallery photo of cute pup pics. Send us photos of your furry friends…