Moses Lake Man Helps Trapped Snowy Owl Escape

A Moses Lake man helped free what's believed to be a Snowl Owl in a rural area southeast of Moses Lake, near the eastern shore of the Potholes Reservoir Thursday.Brian Fenske, a crop consultant for Crop Production Services was attending to a fertilizer tank, when he spotted the owl trapped in a small space between the fertilizer tank and the containment tank.  Fenske suspects "maybe he jumped down in there," adding, "had I not heard his desperate wings flapping, the bird would have surely died."Fenske, who says he saw three or four other owls in the same area Thursday, at first put on gloves and was going to free the owl with his hands.  But he thought better of it and managed to lift the owl out with a shovel, after taking the attached picture with his iPhone.

Wind Gusts Peak 60 MPH Near Odessa

The National Weather Service has released a list of the major wind gusts throughout the Idaho area during yesterday's wind storm that blew through the Inland Northwest.How was the wind in your area? Check the list and see if it's what you expected. Numbers are arranged by elevation and followed by wind gust speed. You can send wind damage photos to

Frontier Middle School Students Visit State Capitol

Some students from Frontier Middle School had a chance to visit the state capitol this week. Not only did they meet with state representatives from their district, but they also met Gov. Christine Gregoire. They're pictured above with Secretary of State Sam Reed who was on their list of people to meet.State Rep. Judy Warnick had this to say about the students: "It was fun to meet these students who will be our next generation of representatives and governors. I was class vice president when I was in high school, and it was my first introduction into politics and government," she said in a news release from the House of Representatives. "The students impressed me with very insightful questions, and showed a genuine interest in how their government operates."

Woman's Body Found In Grand Coulee

The body of an adult female was found dead in a vacant lot in Grand Coulee this afternoon. Grant County Sheriff's Office says a citizen found the body just after 4 p.m. and the body had been outside for awhile, partially covered in snow near 416 Weil Street.The female's identity is still unknown, but the Grant County Coroner can confirm that there are no signs of foul play. The cause of death will be determined through an autopsy.Next of kin has yet to be notified.

Man Busted For Selling Drugs Near School

A Grant County man faces felony charges, accused of selling drugs near a Quincy high school.21-year old Marcus Alexander Garcia was arrested February 3rd. Undercover detectives had been watching Garcia, after hearing he was selling drugs in or near local businesses. During that investigation, detectives say they bought 2.7 grams of cocaine from Garcia in the parking lot of the Quincy McDonalds. That restuarant is within 1,000 feet of Quincy's alternative high school.The proximity to the school means Garcia will likely face additional penalties if he's convicted of the other crimes. He's charged with delivery of cocaine in a school zone, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

Drug House Busted

A Moses lake man has been arrested for running a drug house. Danny Stotts has several drug-related charges, including possession of over 40 grams fo marijuana with the intent to deliver, manufacturing marijuana and delivery of marijuana to undercover detectives.The Grant County's Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Moses Lake P.D. served a search warrant and made the arrest Wednesday night. Eight people showed up at the house to try to buy marijuana while detectives were still searching the home.The INET and Moses Lake Police thank alert neighbors for alerting authorities about suspicious activity. The tips lead to a three month long investigation which ended with the search warrant and subsequent arrest.

Stabbing Suspects Wanted

Deputies in Grant County are searching for two men believed to have stabbed another man in the arm.  29 year old Keith Ford told deputies he was walking on Lybbert Drive Northeast near Airway Drive Northeast in Moses Lake when he was confronted by two Hispanic men riding bikes Ford said the men asked "Hey Homey. Where you from? Do you bang?" Ford told deputies the men then tried to fight him.  After a short struggle, Ford said the men got on their bikes and rode away.  Deputies believe the incident is gang related.

Photo Gallery: A Winter Stroll Through Hartline

Hartline, Washington saw its own share of snowfall on Wednesday. Local farmer, Jerry Dormaier, drove through town around 3 p.m. and took some photographs he shared with KXLY. His vehicle thermometer saw a low temperature of 14 degrees. Some of the views show off the historical nature of Hartline including the Hartline School built in 1922. According to , it's one of the oldest and best preserved "rural brick school houses" in Eastern Washington. 

No charges in wheelchair-SUV collision

Police in Lewiston say no charges will be filed in a fatal traffic crash last month where a man in a wheelchair collided with a sport utility vehicle at a city intersection.

Family of missing Moses Lake man offering cash reward

(Updated 8:43 p.m.) - A cash reward is now being offered by the family of a missing Moses Lake man in hopes someone knows where he is. Dan Toya, 64, was taking his young golden retriever, Molly, to the veterinarian when he possibly stopped near Samson's Beach along Potholes Reservoir. That's where his unoccupied pickup truck was found.According to Grant County Sheriff's Office, the funds are still being collected so the reward amount is yet to be determined.

Man Arrested for Pot Possession On Courthouse Lawn

A Grand Coulee man didn't go far to escape the long arm of the law Tuesday. In fact, he went right up in the law's front lawn. Around 1:30 Tuesday, citizens told sheriff's deputies they were being approached in front of the courthouse by a man wearing a red coat and a baseball cap. That, in itself, is not illegal. But, the citizens told deputies the man was trying to sell them marijuana. Deputies found Andrew Allen Kramer right where they said he'd be, on the front lawn of the courthouse in Ephrata. Deputies say they detected a strong odor of marijuana and found Kramer was carrying "20.5 grams of portioned and packaged marijuana" in his pockets. He was arrested, cited for possession of marijuana and released. The marijuana, though, was seized for evidence and will stay at the courthouse for now. In a news release sent by the Grant County Sheriff's Offfice Tuesday, Sheriff Tom Jones said simply, "This one speaks for itself."

Detectives Arrest 4 Gang Members

The Grant County Sheriff's Office busted known gang members for an incident at a Moses Lake home. Detectives say 25 year old Christopher McCarrell and three juvenile men were arrested after the woman at the house on 3750 Denton Road Northeast called police. Detectives say the men were there to confront the man who lived at the home. Deputies arrived and arrested the men, who are documented gang members. Detectives searched the house and a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer and found shotguns inside the home and inside the Trailblazer. Two juvenile females along with a baby and toddler were inside the Chevrolet. They also found drug paraphernalia inside the home.

3 Arrested In Soap Lake For Property Crime

Cooperation between Soap Lake Police and the Grant County Sheriff's Department landed three people in jail for multiple property thefts. Grant County Sheriff's deputies arrested 23-year-old Mathew Low, 23-year-old Dylan Timpani, and 28-year-old Michelle Abrahams on suspicion they stole a Durango from someone in Moses Lake. During the arrest in Soap Lake, deputies spotted several stolen items in and around the fifth-wheel trailer where the three were found. Deputies also discovered methamphetamine inside the trailer. The three were arrested for first-degree possession of stolen property and possession of methamphetamine. They're all being held in the Grant County Jail.

Whooping Cough In Grant County

The Grant County Health Office is downgrading its Whooping Cough/Pertussis Outbreak, but people are still falling sick with whooping cough.In Grant County last year, 29 cases were reported.  It saw 57 cases during the 16 months of the outbreak.  The numbers are huge considering Grant County saw between just 1 and 4 cases a year before 2010, an increase of 40%.Grant County reminds people to get vaccinated against Pertussis.  It has the following reminders for people to protect themselves.Grant County Health Office - Pertussis is a vaccine preventable illness. Children should get 5 DTaP vaccinations between 2 months old and when they start school.Because immunity from the Pertussis vaccine or disease wears off, child care providers, family members and caregivers of babies should make sure they are up-to-date with their Pertussis vaccinations. This includes formal child care settings, preschools, church nurseries and friends and family members babysitting.To protect their babies, mothers and fathers should get the Tdap booster before, during or immediately after delivery.All health care workers, school staff, and child care providers should be fully immunized for Pertussis.The Tdap booster shot is available and recommended for people 11 years and older, but should be given to those as young as 7 years old who have not been properly vaccinated in the past.Tdap vaccine is required for 6th grade school entry. For more information please visit

Missing Moses Lake man may have been walking his dog - Molly

Grant County Sheriff's Office is exhausting their resources searching for Dan Toya, 64, missing since Friday.A side-scanning sonar boat from Boise, Idaho is en route to Potholes Reservoir to search the water near where Toya's unoccupied pickup truck was found. They estimate a Wednesday launch of the boat. After that, search tactics are limited."Searchers continued their efforts throughout the weekend," said Sheriff Tom Jones in a Tuesday news release. "Their efforts have been extraordinary, and with the deployment of a sonar boat, we will have exhausted all resources in the search for Dan."

Search Continues for Moses Lake Man Missing Since Friday

The search continues for a Moses Lake man who went missing on Friday afternoon.64-year-old Dan Toya told his wife around 2:30pm Friday that he was taking their dog to the veterinarian, then taking the golden labrador retriever to Samson's Beach, south of Moses Lake.Later Friday, Toya's wife became concerned when her husband had not returned home. His truck was found unoccupied near Samson's Beach, but neither he or the dog could be found.

Grant County pizza delivery driver robbed and carjacked

A fake pizza order may have lured a pizza delivery driver to a residential area where he was robbed by three men.The robbery was called in around 9 p.m. on Friday in the 1200 block of Pershing Road at the Larson Housing area north of Moses Lake. Grant County Sheriff's Deputies arrived to find a frightened 22-year-old pizza delivery driver who said three men robbed and carjacked him by knife-point.The driver said he was delivering a pizza when he was confronted by the three men. One of the suspects said he was being robbed. They demanded his money and cell phone. The suspects fled in the victim's vehicle. The vehicle was recovered a few blocks away just after the robbery.

Detectives need help identifying skeletal remains

Grant County Major Crimes Detectives hope you can help them identify a man whose skeletal remains were found Nov. 23 near O'Sullivan Dam in southeast Grant County.The remains were sent to the King County Medical Examiner's Office in Seattle. Based on their exam, descriptive information on the victim was developed along with a rendering by forensic artist Natalie Murry of what the victim may have looked like. The forensic drawing is based in an assessment of the skull and what they man may have looked like.Based on the forensic examination, the victim is believed to be a white or Hispanic male, around 35-years-old, who stood between 5-foot-1 and 6-foot-1 inches tall. The victim had a single gunshot wound, and the circumstances about that injury are unknown. The body had been outside for perhaps a year. The victim's teeth were in poor condition, and silver-colored dental caps were affixed to his two front teeth. One of those teeth was broken beneath the cap.The victim was wearing multiple layered clothing including:Anyone with possible information about this man should call Detective Kim Cook at 509-754-2011 ext. 471, or send information to . Tipsters can remain anonymous.