North Idaho

Prosper! Gain Control Of Your Finances!

Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) and the Community Library Network are teaming up to help you gain control of your finances. Learn how to avoid impulse choices, and gain confidence with important money management skills that will start you on the path to prosperity.

Boat Launch Closes for Repairs

Boating season is here!  But, if you're headed to Killarney Lake in North Idaho you will need to use another boat launch for spring and summertime fun.  The Killarney Lake Boat Launch on Killarney Lake, 20 miles east of Coeur d'Alene near Rose Lake, is closed to the public for repairs and rennovations.

Ski and Golf in the Same Day

Grab your skis and golf bag for a fun weekend at Silver Mountain! This weekend, Silver Mountain will be offering discounted skiing and golfing packages to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. A lift ticket and nine holes of golf at Galena Ridge this Saturday May, 7th will run you just $50.

Volunteers Clean Up Downtown Sandpoint

Thanks to more than 100 local volunteers, over 100 bags of trash were removed from downtown Sandpoint for Shake the Sand Out of Sandpoint. There were 18 teams of volunteers that showed up including representation from Cub Scout Pack 141, players from Sandpoint Little League teams and an appearance from Mayor Gretchen Hellar and Russ Porter, CEO of Mountain West Bank.They started Saturday morning at Jeff Jones Town Square with breakfast and coffee served by local business leaders. The volunteers fanned out in teams from the north end of the Long Bridge, through Downtown, along Fifth Avenue, Highway 2 and beyond. Their equipment consisting of gloves and plastic bags were donated by Merwin's and the Idaho Transportation Department. Sandpoint Furniture brought in a box truck just to haul out the bags they filled up.The event wrapped up under sunny skies just off of Highway 2 with a pizza party. Prizes from Mountain West Bank, Zero Point, Seasons at Sandpoint, Keokee Publishing and Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters were all given away to volunteers including a shiny new bicycle.

Post Falls Man Finds California's Budget Cuts Upsetting

In a letter from U.C. Berkley to Allen Telescope Array, SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson described a recent decision by the institute to pull funding to Hat Creek Radio Observatory which houses the array. When that observatory was shut down, in effect, it shut down the array as well.

Kootenai County Farmers' Market Opens This Weekend

Spring must be nearing, as the Kootenai County Farmers' Market is officially opening for their 25th season this Saturday in Hayden.  The weekly Saturday events are held at the SE corner of US Highway 95 & Prairie Avenue.  The Saturday Market also has new hours this year.  They will be open from 9 am to 1:30 pm starting this Saturday and running through October.  Next Wednesday, May 11, the Farmers' Market will begin it's weekly Wednesday events on the corner of 5th Street and Sherman Avenue in downtown Coeur d'Alene.  The Wednesday markets are open from 4 pm to 7 pm and will run through September. Shoppers will get to check out quality, local fresh produce as well as crafts, live music and a number of other fun activities. 

Imagine This In Your Garage

There's a special place in my heart for pick-up trucks. This one in particular is definitely pulling at those strings. It's a 1968 International painted fire truck yellow. Currently it belongs to Spirit Lake Fire Department, but come July 4th, it could be yours."We've had it since the late 1970s. It was a front-line truck for a few years. It only has 96,000 miles on it. For some time it was used as a wild land brush fire truck," Fire Chief, John Debernardi said.

Have Questions About Post Falls? One Click, That's All

Have a question about your garbage pickup? Want to be a vendor for Post Falls days? Need to find out about parks and rec programs in town? If you want answers to those - and, dozens of others questions - the City of Post Falls wants to make it easy for you. They've launched an online Citizen Support Center where you can find answers to your questions 24/7 without having to pick up the phone.You can find a list of frequently-asked questions on the website. If you have a question that's not listed, you can generate your own. You can also submit comments or complaints to the mayor or city administrator. Then, you and the city staff will be able to access and track the request, its status and the resolution. The city says the goal is to "increase citizen access to information while improving communication with citizens and meeting their demands."

Shaving For A Reason

Kootenai County Assessor Mike McDowell and Residentail Appraisal Manager Darin Krier went bald today to help a co-worker.  The two men had their heads shaved clean by Amy Merk and Griffen Solberg of H.I.P. Hair Salon.

Silverwood Opens Mother's Day Weekend With Special Deal

What better way to honor Mom on Mother's Day than to watch her free-fall 177 feet at 65 miles per hour on the Aftershock rollercoaster?The good folks at Silverwood Theme Park are encouraging you to do just that, by offering a great deal this Mother's Day weekend.  Bring mom to the park and she gets in free, while everyone else in the family pays just $19.99 per ticket, about half-price.  There's a new magic show and train ride show this year, along with new children's rides.  For more info, check out the Silverwood website.  

April 2011 Was One Of Our Coldest

Our chilly, Silver Valley Spring continues into May.  Long-range forecasts are calling for below average temperatures for the month.  April, meanwhile, was the third coldest on record in Kellogg, with an average high of 40.9 degrees.  That's 5.8 degrees below average.  The record for the coldest April dates back to 2008, with an average high of 40.1 degrees.  Both 2011 and 2008 were "La Nina" years.  La Nina is the abnormal cooling of the sea-surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific that has been influencing our weather pattern since last Fall.

COOLEST April On Record In Coeur d'Alene

Our cold, gray Spring is breaking records in Coeur d'Alene.  April 2011 will go down as the COLDEST on record at the Coeur d'Alene airport.  The average temperature was 41.2 degrees, which is 5.4 degrees below average, and that breaks the record of 41.4 degrees set back in 2008.  Both 2011 and 2008 were La Nina years.  La Nina is the abnormal cooling of the sea-surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific that has been influencing our weather pattern since late Fall.  The long-range forecast is calling for more cool, wet weather for at least the first half of May. 

What The Heck Is A Guberif?

To answer the headline, it's "Firebug" spelled backwards.  More to the point, Guberif is a character created in 1950 to remind Idahoans to be careful not to accidentally set a wildfire.  Kind of like Smokey Bear (that's right, there's no "the" in his name), but not nearly as memorable.  Until now, perhaps, because Guberif is making a comeback.  

Craft Beer, The Race Across America, Autism And Sandpoint, Idaho

Craft Beer, the Race Across America, and Autism; at first glance you would say they have nothing in common, but you would be wrong. What they have in common, is a four man cycling team from Sandpoint, Idaho on a mission. For Jacob Styer, Mel Dick, Wayne Pignolet, and Al Lemire the race will be a reality.The Race Across America is one of the most respected and longest running annual endurance events holding legendary stature the world over. It is one of the pinnacles of sporting accomplishment, globally seen as the highest rung of the endurance sports ladder. Since 1982, RAAM has a rich and storied history standing as a monument to human endeavors. The Race Across America is an event so staggering that merely to finish is, for most, the accomplishment of a lifetime. RAAM inspires everyone that it touches. A monumental race contested with the utmost of sportsmanship and zeal. Truly, RAAM is larger than life. A breeding ground for champions, a testing ground for elite riders and a shining example of the strength of human spirit. So, deciding to participate is not something to be taken lightly, but for some the road to the race has an interesting beginning.The whole adventure started around a campfire in the Grand Teton's of Wyoming after way too many beers, lots of laughs and some joking around. Now two years later, out of the ashes, rises Team Laughing Dog to compete and hopefully complete The Race Across America to raise awareness and  funds for organizations that support families living with autism.Prior to joining Team Laughing Dog, most team members had very few interactions with those on the Autism Spectrum. During the journey as Team Laughing Dog, the team members have come to understand Autism and Aspergers better because of education and more regular interactions with children and families affected by autism in the Sandpoint community. It's given the purpose a more personal feel.There are too many families who do not have even the basic services that autism requires, such as child care, medical care or education. Often these services are not available because there are no qualified providers, particularly in rural areas. Many times they are not an option, because families just can't afford to pay for them or the services are too far from home.Team Laughing Dog wants to help change all that, with a goal of raising $1 million to provide the services these families need – in the communities where they live. The team actively works with local autism service providers and chapters of the Autism Society of America to create and/or maintain these programs.It has not been, (and will not be), an easy road for any of the four riders, the two alternate riders (Jim Mellen and Mike Murray), and their crew of ten volunteers. The training schedules are grueling, North Idaho weather doesn't always permit outdoor training, and when they were able to do their first training ride outside it also came with some hardship. During that ride Mel Dick suffered a broken hip that required surgery after a crash. His ability to compete in the race is at question, but his heart and spirit are ready to race and regardless of the outcome he will be there for his team. In a blog post he had written after the crash he said:"Emotionally, it has been a week of ups and downs. Coming to grips with the possibility of not being able to ride.  Replaying the crash over and over again.  Going in an out of consciousness from the constant stream of pain medications. Thinking about the countless hours of training and preparation. Frankly, it was a bit overwhelming.The week has allowed me to reflect on the reasons I got involved in RAAM in the first place–to achieve a dream, to have fun, to meet new people, to do something challenging and to make a difference in the lives of others.After much thought, I realize how lucky I am.  I'm achieving a dream, I am having fun, I've met countless new people, many of who have become great new friends, I've been challenged physically and mentally beyond anything I could have imagined 2 years ago and most importantly I truly believe we are making a difference in the lives of families dealing with autism."The entire Team's feelings are expressed through Mel's words. They are achieving a dream, having fun, meeting new people, making new friends, and being challenged everyday. With every passing hour they move one step closer to fulfilling their mission to raise awareness and funds for organizations that support families living with autism along with being the premier amateur ultra-endurance cycling team in the U.S. In the words of the team and it's crew "We compete in cycling events such as the Race Across America and other nonstop long distance races to raise awareness of the difficulty of living with autism." The Race Across America is a 24/7 race and families dealing with autism don't get to take a time out, so the entire crew of Team Laughing Dog won't either.

Women In Business Luncheon Showcases Fashion At Affordable Prices

The Women In Business Committee of the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce is hosting a fashion show for all budgets on Tuesday, May 3, at the Sandpoint Center Community Room. The Community Assistance League (CAL) will be presenting a spring fashion show designed to fit any budget. Clothing will be available for purchase after the luncheon. CAL will also have their cookbooks for sale.

Silver Valley Gathers To Remember Sunshine Mine

People in the Silver Valley today are gathering for a solemn memorial service for the 91 miners who died in an underground fire at the Sunshine Mine on May 2, 1972."There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about them," Bill Delbridge said at the 38th anniversary of the disaster last year, as he remembered his father, brother, and cousin who lost their lives in the mine fire. "I lost my father, Gene Johnson. I lost an uncle, Robert Barker and I lost a brother-in-law Richard Lynch," Peggy White, who helped organize last year's memorial, said in 2010. "We want to make sure that they're honored for their lives they have given up."While 91 lives were lost, two miners - Ron Flory and Tom Wilkinson - survived. Flory and Wilkinson were on the 48th floor, 11 floors below where the fire broke out. Within a few minutes of the fire starting, carbon monoxide and smoke quickly descended from floor to floor. When Wilkinson passed out Flory hauled him deeper down into the mine and away from the smoke."It was just the right place as the right time. A guardian angel was definitely watching over us," Flory said.

Hecla Resumes Operations At Lucky Friday

Hecla confirmed Friday morning that work has resumed at the Lucky Friday mine.Work has been shut down for two weeks since a ground collapse on April 15 in which miner Larry Marek was killed.Hecla spokeswoman Stephanie Bales said that miners will be returning to work gradually over the next week. 

Get Rid of Old Prescription Drugs This Weekend

If you have prescription drugs you're not using anymore, or ones that are past their expiration date, don't flush them down the toilet or leave them in the cabinet. This weekend, you can drop them off at Post Falls City Hall.Here's the press release from Post Falls Police:

Kootenai Humane Society Animal Lover Shortage

Kootenai County, ID - The Kootenai Humane Society relies on its thrift store to help keep its doors open and help shelter pets in need. But the store is experiencing a major shortage of volunteers and its reaching out to the community. "Even if you can help out for a few hours," says KHS's Adoption Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, Idella Mansfield. According to KHS, the thrift store is now down to one part-time volunteer. If you'd like to help out contact the Kootenai Humane Society at 208-667-5373.

Idaho Teachers Fight Back Against Education Reform Plan

The National Education Association is supporting an effort by Idaho teachers seeking to overturn three education bills passed by state lawmakers. Teachers want voters to decide if Idaho should phase out teacher tenure, restrict collective bargaining and introduce merit pay. Idaho Education Association spokeswoman Julie Fanselow told the Idaho Statesman the IEA received $75,000 from the NEA to pay for printing costs and signature gatherers

Auction To Benefit Youth Camp

A live and silent auction will be held at St. Pius X Catholic Church on Friday, April 29. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the North Idaho Catholic Youth Camp. The auction features many items donated from all over the community, including autographed Gonzaga Bulldogs memorabilia, tickets to the musical Wicked, and a night at the Davenport Hotel. Doors open at 5:30pm for the silent part of the auction, with the first tables closing at 6:30pm. A dinner will be served at 7:00pm, with turkey and ham prepared by the Knights of Columbus. The live auction begins at 8:00pm. Tickets are $20 at the door. Advance tickets can be reserved for $15 at

MSHA Begins Lucky Friday Accident Investigation

The Mine Safety and Health Administration has begun its investigation into the deadly collapse at the Lucky Friday mine in the Silver Valley. MSHA has dispatched a 5-person team to the mine to begin a comprehensive investigation into the roof collapse on April 15 that killed miner Larry Marek. The team plans to conduct an inspection of the mine, including the section where the accident took place, interview miners and Lucky Friday managers, and review the conditions of the mine and work procedures at the time of the incident.

Memorial Service This Afternoon For Larry Marek

A memorial service for miner Larry Marek will be held at the Kellogg High School gym this afternoon at 5 p.m.Marek died April 15 during a collapse inside the Lucky Friday mine.The memorial is open to the community and his family asks that people wear casual clothes to the memorial, including hunting and mining attire.

Coeur d'Alene Couple Still Cooking After Fire Destroys Their School

Frank and Lynne Wiedemann have been living and learning in Mexico since 1989. They began "Cook With Us Culinary Adventures" a cooks tour company, as a way to share their love of Mexico; it's amazing cuisine, friendly people, and rich cultural traditions.   This was a magical time in their lives as they met students from around the world who came to their cooking school in Todos Santos to learn the art of Mexican cooking and explore  the rustic beauty of Baja.  In 2009 the pair changed direction and are now based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Lynne teaches cooking classes in authentic Mexican cuisine, they host and cater elaborate Mexican fiestas, cook and test recipes for publication and partner with Mike Gonzalez, KXLY 4 morning anchor and host of the "In The Kitchen" TV show that airs on sister station KXMN and KAPP/KVEW Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am across Eastern Washington. Sadly, when the cooking school in Mexico burned to the ground it seemed as if all was lost.  It took the couple some time to heal from the loss but they are up and running again.  It's true Lynne says, "when one door closes another opens"  if we are open to the opportunity.