Sound Off for July 31: How do you react to catcalling?

So many women know what it's like to be harassed as they walk down the street, but now a revealing new video is giving some men a sense of what it's really like, showing them what really happens when their girlfriends are the target.

Sound Off 7/17: Are you worried about a natural disaster in W. Washington?

The big one is coming - and, it's going to wipe out much of Western Washington. That's the dire warning printed in a New Yorker article that had the Seattle area buzzing this week. The article predicts a devastating quake off the Oregon coast in the next 15 years which would create a tsunami large enough to wipe out Washington and Oregon west of Interstate 5. Are you worried about a natural disaster like this? Have you done anything to prepare? Leave your answers inside!

Sound Off for July 16th: Should you tip less as servers' wages go up?

It was seen as a windfall for servers in Seattle, but the upcoming jump in minimum wage has caused an unintended consequence. Some people are leaving cards, saying the rise in wages and jump in food prices means they no longer feel the need to tip. Do you agree? Do you tip less as wages and food prices go up? If you're a server, have you seen a drop in tips? Leave your answers inside.

Sound Off for July 3rd: Are you proud to be an American?

As Independence Day approaches, most in the U.S. say they are proud to be an American, including a slight majority, 54%, who are "extremely proud." The percentage saying they are "extremely proud" is slightly lower than in recent years and down from peaks at and around 70% between 2002 and 2004, after 9/11.

Sound Off for June 30th: Do you approve of the new budget deal in Olympia?

The Washington Legislature has approved a $38.2 billion two-year state operating budget, taking swift action to avoid a government shutdown.  The Senate has also passed a $16.1 billion transportation revenue package that includes an 11.9-cent gas tax increase that would be phased in over two years.