Sound Off for August 28th: Possible teacher strike looms in Spokane. Do you support it?

Teachers unions across Washington are threatening to strike if they don't come to a contract agreement by September 1st. The Spokane Education Association (S.E.A.) says agreements have to be set in stone in Spokane by Monday at midnight if Spokane Public schools want to avoid a strike; The first day of school for Spokane Public Schools is August 31st, but it is the second day of school that's in question.

Sound Off 8/7 - Thoughts on the GOP Debate

24 million Americans watched the top GOP candidates debate last night in what is now the most-watched event in cable news history. Did you watch? Who impressed you? Who fell flat? Or are you waiting to pay attention until the field gets a little smaller? Sound off!

Sound Off for July 31: How do you react to catcalling?

So many women know what it's like to be harassed as they walk down the street, but now a revealing new video is giving some men a sense of what it's really like, showing them what really happens when their girlfriends are the target.