Sound Off Wednesday: Do You Think The Media Shows Bias Through Photos Of Politicians?

Newsweek magazine is under fire and denying claims it purposely used an unflattering photo of presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. The headline reads "The Queen of Rage" and shows a crazy eyed photo of Bachmann. Newsweek is defending its decision to choose that photo out of others saying, "Michele Bachmann's intensity is galvanizing voters in Iowa right now and Newsweek's cover captures that." But critics still argue it's another example of Newsweek portraying conservative women unfairly. In fact, the National Organization for Women who wants to see Bachmann defeated is rallying to her defense. Do you think Newsweek picked that photo on purpose? Does it show bias? Do you feel the media in general is guilty of doing this to all politicians... even presidents?

Sound Off Tuesday: Are You Ready For A New Congress?

U.S. lawmakers shouldn't get too comfortable in office. That's because a CNN/ORC poll released today reports 70% of voters say most members of Congress shouldn't get another term. Overall, Republicans are drawing the most heat. Nearly 60% of those questioned say they have a negative view of the GOP. That's a high not seen since 19-92. As for Democrats, opinions are literally split down the middle. 47% say they have a favorable opinion of Democrats, while the same amount says the opposite. There is a 3% sampling error in this poll. What are your feelings about our current Congress?

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Sound Off Thursday: The Dow Plummets 512 Points. Are We Headed Into A Depression?

The stock market is finishing its worst day since the financial crisis. The Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 500 points today. Investors are concerned that the U.S. economy will enter another recession and that Europe's debt problems are not closed to being solved. The Dow is closing with a loss of 513 points, or 4.3 percent, to 11,384. It was the worst day for the Dow since October 22, 2008. The July jobs report is due out tomorrow and it's expected to show there has been zero movement. President Obama told Congress yesterday he wants to make sure the economy is growing and businesses are getting financing, but it may be easier said than done; lawmakers left town for a month vacation and bitterness still remains from the debt ceiling crisis. Do you think we're headed into a depression? Or do you think this is just a little blip that we'll climb out of?

Sound Off Wednesday: Do You Like The Idea Of Publicly Displaying DUI Suspects On Billboards?

San Antonio, Texas is using public humiliation to fight back against drunk drivers. The city is using 12 billboards across the city to post the images of drunk drivers with outstanding warrants. It's not first time offenders, but the worst of the worst. Repeat offenders who have killed someone, injured someone or who have multiple DUIs. And there are more than 100 images that will be posted. Police hope people will recognize the offenders and call police in an effort to get them off the roads and in jail. Do you like the idea of publicly displaying drunk drivers? Is it something you'd like to see done here?

Sound Off Tuesday: Do You Support A Lawsuit Filed By The Justice Department Over Immigration?

The Justice Department is suing the state of Alabama over its controversial new immigration law that is similar to Arizona's law. The department has a lawsuit pending against Arizona as well. It argues the states overstep their authority because immigration enforcement is a federal issue. The law, which takes effect September 1st, makes it a crime to be an undocumented immigrant in Alabama and allows law enforcement to detain anyone it suspects may be in the country illegally. The law has already faced lawsuits from civil rights groups like the ACLU. But the Republican representative who sponsored the law, Rep. Micky Hammon, defends the law and says by allowing illegal immigrants to run unchecked threatens homeland security and insults people who come to this country legally. What do you think? Do you support the federal government's lawsuit? Or do you think state's should be able to start dealing with illegal immigration on their own?

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