Sound Off for March 14th: Should this week's controversial Doonesbury strip have been pulled or printed?

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau says it would have been surprising if there hadn't been pushback against an this week's "Doonesbury" comic strip that lampoons a Texas abortion law requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion.The national syndicate that distributes "Doonesbury" to hundreds of U.S. newspapers offered a replacement option after a handful of papers indicated being uncomfortable with the abortion law series.How do you feel about it?Should the strip have been run or do you think it crossed the line?Comment inside or email us at

Sound Off for March 13th: Would you support a student loan forgiveness act?

Should college graduates who owe on student loans have that money forgiven?Democrat Representative Hansen Clarke of Michigan says yes.He introduced a bill (H.R. 4170) that would forgive outstanding student loan debt for Americans who have made payments equal to 10% of theirdiscretionary income for 10 years.Would you like to see this bill passed?Or do you think if someone knowingly borrows cash to go to college, they should be expected to pay it back in full with interest?Comment inside or e-mail us at

Sound Off for March 12th: Should seat belts be required on school buses?

More than three dozen children were injured in a rollover school bus crash near Quincy this morning.Of those students, six have been admitted to the hospital.Should school buses have seat belts?Do you feel many of today's injuries could have been prevented if the students were strapped in?Comment inside or e-mail us at

Sound Off for March 9th: Are you angry Washington lawmakers couldn't hammer out the budget during the 60 day session?

Lawmakers only get a short reprieve after wrapping up a two-month legislative session, and are set to return next week to address an impasse over the supplemental budget.The Legislature adjourned early this morning, but an unresolved budget means they'll be back Monday for the start of an overtime special session that could last up to a month.And that could cost taxpayers up to $14,000 a day.How do you feel about it?Are you upset they couldn't get this done during the 60 day legislative session?Or do you want them to take as much time as they need?Comment inside or email us at

Sound Off for March 8th: Will you stop buying ground beef over pink slime revelation?

Last month several fast food chains made headlines when they said they would stop using so-called "pink slime," a filler added to ground beef. But it's in more than just fast food!Pink slime is in 70% of the ground beef you buy at the grocery store.Does this revelation make you want to change the way you eat?Will you stop buying ground beef?Or do you think it's no big deal?Comment inside or email us at

Sound Off Tuesday: How are you dealing with the rising gas prices?

In the past month, gasoline prices have risen by more than 28 cents per gallon, making fuel the most expensive ever for this time of year. Has the spike in gas prices changed your daily routine? If it hasn't, how high will prices have to go before you do start thinking about carpooling, taking the bus or driving less? Comment inside or email us at

Is Spokane Getting More Dangerous

Is violent crime becoming a bigger problem in Spokane than ever before? A number of you have already been sounding off on our website and on our Facebook page, so we decided to make this the official Sound Off of the day.

Sound Off Wednesday: Racy Facebook Photos Posted By Teens Considered Free Speech? Do You Agree?

An Indiana school district may appeal a judgment that said it violated the first amendment rights of two students over racy Facebook photos. The two girls posted photos of themselves with phallic shaped rainbow lollipops. When their high school found out, the girls were kicked off the volleyball team, required to go to counseling and had to apologize to the coaches' board. A judge says it was all a violation of the girls' freedom of speech. The ACLU is defending the two girls and says what the girls do outside of school is their business and not punishable. The district says they dishonored the school's reputation. Do you agree with the judge's decision? Did the school district violate the girls' first amendment rights? Or do you feel that as minors and representatives of their school, they deserved to be punished?

Sound Off Tuesday: Do You Support A County Wide Bike Helmet Law?

It's already a law in the city of Spokane, but now county commissioners are considering a county-wide bike helmet law. It's not just bikes, that means skateboarders and scooter riders would have to wear helmets or face a fine. Research supports these types of ordinances. The city of Spokane says since it passed a law 5 years ago, there's been a 16% drop in bicycle fatalities. A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for tonight at 5:00 p.m. in the county commissioner's hearing room. Do you support a county wide helmet law? Or do you think people should be allowed to choose whether or not they want to wear a helmet?

News Links For August 22nd

Click here to learn some tips as the kids head back to school and info about The Salvation Army Spokane.

Sound Off Thursday: Would You Support A Candidate Who Says Illegal Immigrants Should Be Shot?

Immigration is always a hot-button issue in the U.S. Many politicians take strong stances on one side or the other. But not many are going so far as to say illegal immigrants should be shot as they come across the border. It's the shockingly controversial position of a man who's running for city council in Kennewick. Loren Nichols, "The country's not healthy when there's a cancer in the country, and that's what I equate illegal immigrants to. And they need to be removed." Those comments have turned into a huge debate among Kennewick voters. Many people are behind him, so many, he made it past the primary on Tuesday night and will be on the general election ballot this November. But a lot of people don't want anything to do with Nichols and his radical statements. Loren Nichols says he's pleased with the results of the primary election. And he says he plans to brings other issues to the forefront of his campaign in the coming months. Do you support Nichols' stance on immigration? Would you vote for him? Or do you think it's unbelievable he even made it past the primary with such radical statements?

Sound Off Wednesday: Do You Support A Ban On The Sale Of Cheap, High Alcohol Beer?

The city of Spokane has a mandatory alcohol impact area in the downtown core. It bans the sale of high alcohol content beers like High Gravity and Old English. Now, there's talk of extending the impact area to East Sprague through the city limits and into the South Perry neighborhood. Critics we talked to today say if cheap, high alcohol content beers are going to be banned, then expensive microbrews with the same alcohol content must be banned as well, citing discrimination. How do you feel about it? Do you think it's a good idea to ban the sale of cheap, high alcohol content liquor or is it discriminatory?

Sound Off Tuesday: Should Students Be Allowed To Pick What They Want And Don't Want To Learn?

The latest buzzword in Arizona's public education system is "unschool." It's basically letting your child decide what they want to learn rather than putting them in regimented public school English or math class. Diane Targovnik got together with some other concerned parents to form Phoenix Rising Free School. It's a democratic education system where the kids decide what they want to learn. There's a list of potential curriculum on the school's website. The typical options like attending a math class or researching the Civil War are listed, but there is also an option for building a fort or climbing a tree. Targovnik argues kids use real world experience to learn the important fundamentals. Critics ask how a child can choose what they want to learn, but backers say that by giving the kids interesting options to stimulate learning, they'll end up right on track to go to college with their public school peers. Do you like the idea of students learning what they want when they want? Or do you think it's a bunch of hogwash that will leave a generation of children who can't name all 50 states or do basic math?

Sound Off Wednesday: Do You Think The Media Shows Bias Through Photos Of Politicians?

Newsweek magazine is under fire and denying claims it purposely used an unflattering photo of presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. The headline reads "The Queen of Rage" and shows a crazy eyed photo of Bachmann. Newsweek is defending its decision to choose that photo out of others saying, "Michele Bachmann's intensity is galvanizing voters in Iowa right now and Newsweek's cover captures that." But critics still argue it's another example of Newsweek portraying conservative women unfairly. In fact, the National Organization for Women who wants to see Bachmann defeated is rallying to her defense. Do you think Newsweek picked that photo on purpose? Does it show bias? Do you feel the media in general is guilty of doing this to all politicians... even presidents?

Sound Off Tuesday: Are You Ready For A New Congress?

U.S. lawmakers shouldn't get too comfortable in office. That's because a CNN/ORC poll released today reports 70% of voters say most members of Congress shouldn't get another term. Overall, Republicans are drawing the most heat. Nearly 60% of those questioned say they have a negative view of the GOP. That's a high not seen since 19-92. As for Democrats, opinions are literally split down the middle. 47% say they have a favorable opinion of Democrats, while the same amount says the opposite. There is a 3% sampling error in this poll. What are your feelings about our current Congress?