2 arrested for New Year's burglary

Three cross country skiers returned to the trail head at Lookout Pass to find their car had been broken into on New Year's Eve around 2 p.m.

Working 4 You: What to buy in January

After the holidays, most of us would rather not set foot in another store or spend another dime. But, if you shop smart, buying certain items in January will save you money in the long run.

Working 4 You: Christmas tree disposal

It's perhaps the worst chore of the year: tearing down your Christmas tree.  To make the sobering task of boxing-up Christmas for the year easier, there are many options to dispose of your Douglas fir. 

Local businesses discuss impact of minimum wage raise

The start of the New Year will bring the start of new, higher wages in Washington state. Minimum wage in Washington goes from $9.47 an hour to $11 an hour, with more raises to come each year. While that's great news for thousands of workers, businesses are trying to figure out how to pay it.

Tech likely could have saved elderly Spokane woman's life

We now know what caused the deaths of a mother and daughter in their East Central Spokane home. Autopsies show Patricia Johnson, 72, died of natural causes and after she had passed away, her mom, 93-year-old Edna Wisher, probably died of hypothermia. Technology could have helped to prevent this tragedy.

Most-read local stories of 2016

Before we look ahead to 2017, we're looking back at the last 12 months of news. We compiled the top stories of the year, based on what stories were read most often on

Spokane residents reflect on 2016

Whether it wasn't your year politically, or maybe your favorite celebrity died, 2016 is getting a bad rap all over the country, all over the world. But for three locals in Downtown Spokane this morning, it wasn't that bad.

CrossFit could be your resolution solution

When people think "CrossFit,"many imagine elite athletes competing against other elite athletes on Southern California beaches on ESPN2 - but as Mike Gerry explains, that's a small portion of the community.