Meet Tonya

Tonya is a young girl full of energy and love. She would be a wonderful addition to any family.

Meet Lisa

Poetry is one of Lisa's passions. She would love to share that passion with a family of her own.

EEOC Clarifies Retiree Health Plans

The government is allowing employers to pay less for health insurance to retirees over 65 since Medicare picks up most of the cost for them.

Report: S.F. Tiger May Have Been Taunted

Police are reportedly investigating whether any of the victims in Tuesday's fatal tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo taunted the animal before it went on a rampage.

Gadget Guy: GPS And Noise-Canceling Headphones

KXLY 4's resident tech guru, Johnny 5, was on Good Morning Northwest on the last day of November to highlight a couple of gadgets that are sure to be on a few wish lists this Christmas.

Gadget Guy: Photo Printers

If there are any aspiring photographers in your circle of friends and family in need of a Christmas present, a photo printer is sure to be a popular gift.

Johnny 5: PDA Phones

A few years ago, cell phone providers and product manufacturers started combining personal digital assistants (PDA) with phones, providing a convenient way to stay connected in just about any way.

Johnny 5: Routers

Few people really know what routers really do, but the savvy computer user would be wise to learn more about them.

US Deals With Aftermath Of Bhutto Assassination

The Bush administration had pushed for reconciliation between Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto -- but now it must deal with the fallout from today's assassination of Bhutto.