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Trump: 'Worst thing' about shutdown would be effect on military

President Donald Trump told reporters at the Pentagon Thursday that the worst results of a possible government shutdown would be the impact on the US military, hoping to use the standing of the military to make it difficult for Democrats to vote to shut down the government.

Trump hands out 'fake news' awards

One day after Sen. Jeff Flake compared President Donald Trump's anti-press attacks to those of Josef Stalin, Trump gave out "fake news" awards to six news organizations Wednesday night.

White House: Trump 'pretty clear' about DACA deal

Amid confusion in Washington over what kind of immigration bill President Donald Trump would sign, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday that the President has made his priorities clear.

Trump admin blocks Haitians from temporary visas

The Department of Homeland Security will stop allowing Haitians to get temporary agricultural and seasonal visas -- a move that comes amid concerns about the Trump administration's feelings toward immigrants of that country and broader restrictions on legal immigration.