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What's next for Bill Cosby?

What's next for the man once known as "America's Dad" after a judge declared a mistrial in the aggravated indecent assault case against Bill Cosby?

How NBC botched the Megyn Kelly rollout

In less than a month since its debut, Kelly's Sunday night NBC program has become the subject of national controversy due to her interview of fringe radio host Alex Jones, as critics on both the left and the right have accused her of journalistic malpractice.

How many social followers does Trump actually have?

In a Friday morning Twitter storm about his frustration over the Russia investigation, President Trump boasted that he can circumvent the "fake media" and go straight to the "100 million people" following him on social media. But just how many people are following Trump on social media? It it really 100 million?

Here's some of what Mueller might look at if he investigates obstruction

This is a timeline of what is known about President Donald Trump's actions regarding the Russia investigation -- from conversations and comments, to tweets and meetings. Special counsel Robert Mueller plans to interview three top intelligence officials about their interactions with Trump as part of the early stages of what could become an obstruction investigation.

A warning to Washington from Kansas

Last week, Republican state legislators in Kansas finally acknowledged what we have known since 2012: Gov. Sam Brownback's "Kansas Experiment" burdened our businesses, wrecked our state's finances, and mortgaged our children's future, all in the name of giving tax breaks to the wealthy.