How to Find a Black Financial Advisor

In 2020, the number of Black and Latino certified financial planners in the U.S. grew 12.6% from the previous year — certainly good news. The more sobering statistic from the…

5 IRA Mistakes You May Be Making

For some investors, IRAs may be long-term, hands-off investment vehicles. That doesn’t mean you should ignore them completely. This year, give a little love to your IRA and make sure…

4 Strategies To Minimize Your RMDs

Retirement plans offer a host of benefits, from lower taxes to automated saving. But Uncle Sam makes you pay for these benefits, eventually, by requiring you withdraw money from your account whether you need it or not. When you turn 72, required minimum distributions (RMDs) begin for most tax-advantaged retirement plans. In year one, they […]

How To Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property

If you’ve ever thought about investing in rental property, now may be a good time. Mortgage rates remain historically low, and rental income could offer valuable protection against ongoing economic uncertainty. And with economists predicting a wave of foreclosures in 2021, there may be more people looking for available rentals. But how do you finance […]

3 Retirement Myths, Debunked: Social Security, The Stock Market And Savings

Retirement should inspire thoughts of mixed drinks on the beach and long afternoons with the grandkids. But for many people, just mentioning the word spurs anxiety. Younger Americans are waiting too long to put money away, middle-aged workers rarely make up for lost time and people approaching retirement hope to hold onto their jobs long […]