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Disney's Beauty And The Beast In Spokane

I've had "Tale as Old as Time" in my head all morning long, and see visions of elaborate costumes and a lavish set when I close my eyes. Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" opened last night at the INB in Spokane.  People, old and young, packed the house.  My 9 year old daughter and I were among those filling the seats. The show started at 7:30, and ran for about 2 and a half hours, with a 20 minute intermission.  Although it was past her bedtime at intermission, she wouldn't hear of leaving early.

Man Arrested For Assault

Spokane Valley Police arrested a man for threatening an ex-roommate with a knife. They say 43-year-old Daniel De Long was drinking with the victim, who he used to live with, earlier in the day in the 18700 block of East Valleyway Court. Police say the victim called 911 when De Long came back, pushed himself through the front door and started yelling about getting some clothes. Police say the victim claims that during the argument, De Long picked up a knife from the kitchen and threatened to stab him. Police arrived and ordered De Long to show his hands, but he ignored them. They say he turned and yelled at officers and walked toward them with clenched fists. Police say De Long resisted arrest but they were able to gain control and take him into custody. He's booked into the Spokane County Jail for assault and resisting arrest. No one was injured in the incident.

Radio news director attends "citizen" police academy

As a radio news director, listening to a scanner for a dozen hours or more a day is commonplace. And living in the Lewis-Clark Valley, it means listening to the activities of several agencies throughout the five-county area, including the Lewiston Police Department.It was with giddy excitement that I signed up to take part in the agency's 19th Annual Citizen Police Academy so I could get a better understanding of the daily operations of one of the agencies which is a constant source for news purposes.The 11-week class meets Tuesday nights for three hours each and includes area residents who either are interested in a career in law enforcement or are just curious as to the inner workings of a police department. Each class is lead by Corporal Eric Kjorness, with input from other department employees.

Moscow Police investigating sexual assault at fraternity

Moscow Police are investigating a reported sexual assault at the Sigma Chi fraternity house early Saturday morning.Police Chief David Duke says that officers were called to the Lambda Chi fraternity around 1 a.m. when friends of one of the frat members were concerned about contemplating suicide.Officers, during their investigation, found that the 22-year-old University of Idaho student had been at a social event at the Sigma Chi house when he lost consciousness due to intoxication. He later woke up and reportedly was being sodomized before he lost consciousness again. He woke up later and called some friends at his fraternity who brought him home.

Search continues for dog ejected from I-90 crash

(Updated 4:58 p.m.) - Atticus has been found safe. Chelsea's father, Bob Jones, called to say he was found by a family who said he was taking food given to him from their front porch for the past few days. When they saw his story on KXLY, they picked him up and called him in. "There must have been so many people looking for that dog about a hour ago," Bob told KXLY. "We really owe you guys. You clearly saved this dog's life."

City offers reminders about snow removal

PRESS RELEASE - Spokane Valley crews continue working around the clock to complete a full city plowing, including all residential areas.Subject to weather conditions, residential plowing should be completed Sunday afternoon. To help crews complete plowing more efficiently, please park vehicles off the roadways wherever possible. We will continue monitoring conditions and respond as needed.

Classes continue at EWU despite snow, students voice concern

After tons of snow dropped on the Inland Northwest, hundreds of schools and buildings announced their closures. Eastern Washington University remained unsure about their Friday schedule, but they did cancel classes for Thursday evening. Come Friday morning, their decision was clear: classes would continue.That action has some concerned for student safety. In one Facebook update where , more than 100 people commented - and still are. Some called it a "bad decision" and others are clicking Facebook's metaphoric dislike button.

Freezing rain possible below 4,000 feet in Inland Northwest

Kris Crocker, KXLY4 meteorologist, writes on her Facebook: "There's no shortage of weather." According to the National Weather Service, this is the weather you can expect for the rest of the day in your region. Aren't you glad it's the weekend? 

Inmates clearing sidewalks of snow in Airway Heights

They're keeping your sidewalks clear and your bus stops clean during this snowy week in Airway Heights. A work crew of nine offenders from Airway Heights Corrections Center have been doing snow removal in the city making sure the area is safe for pedestrians."They're minimum custody offenders," Risa Klemme, public information officer, said. "They have a prison term of four years or less and are screened by staff and eligible to be on supervised work."They're hired to do the work, getting paid one dollar per hour. A minimum of 55 percent is deducted for financial legal obligations, court fees and supervision costs. The rest of it goes into their pocket for either saving or spending inside the corrections center on snacks, etc.

Students March Through Snowy Path to School

Last we checked, Washington State University was not a dystopian society on an ice planet. You'd think it was by looking at this photo taken by Washington State University staff showing students heading to class up Wilson Road in a depressing single line.Former students at WSU have a saying: "Back in our day, we walked up hill both ways in the snow to get to school."Current Cougs proved that saying again today.

Snow day for some, but not all

Students at Washington State University still need to wake up for classes. The school is classifying their campus' condition as green and operating all their classes and services normally. Also just in the newsroom, it's a snow day for Colfax and Pullman schools. Stay safe, Palouse residents!Tawni Beebe wrote on Facebook saying she has yet to see a single student out and about: "And only one track of prints in the show. It looks cold out there!"Snow is falling quite nicely on the Palouse. Sandra Haugen documented some snowflakes in her neighborhood early this morning. They're expecting a little more light snowfall, about 4-7 inches.

Playing "Mom" on a Snowy Morning

Snowfall in Lewiston is making life a little busy for some. Mia Carlson, 97.7 FM news director, had to come to the rescue when her daughter, 19, needed a ride to work in the Lewiston Orchards area. Weather conditions may make some young drivers a little nervous, but for "Mom", her truck eats up the snow.Carlson says it's still snowing steadily with a few slide-offs reported throughout the region."Nothing major yet as far as accidents. People just need to slow down because there is a sheet of ice underneath the snow," Carlson said. She added, "It rained before it snowed last night."

West Valley schools install defibrillators

Cardiac arrest is a real threat for young people, especially when it comes to athletes. Now, the West Valley School District is prepared to help victims with its newly installed Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs.The AEDs sends a life saving shock to a victim's heart and now the District staff is getting trained on how to use it. It's part the district's new public access defribillation program that trains staff to recognize cardiac emergencies, perform CPR and use an AED. West Valley installed AEDs on their campus last spring in a joint effort with Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital. The program called Project ADAM Inland Northwest is an effort to better protect our community against sudden death.For information about Project ADAM and public access defibrillation programs in your school please call Ryan Schaefer (509) 474-3664.

Fire crews save fire hydrant after truck accident

According to one KXLY reader, Spokane Valley Fire Department "performed CPR" on a broken hydrant earlier this evening. It was all in good jest and Heidi Tucker says it made all of them laugh."A truck was going [too] fast, slid down our small hill [at] Thierman and 11th," Tucker said. She continued, "...went into our yard knocking over our fire hydrant."Winter weather conditions cause many roads in the region to become unsafe. Knock on wood that things more serious than a broken hydrant don't occur. Drive safely and enjoy a little snow if we get it!

Snowy Afternoon at Newman Lake's Atlas E Missile Silo

When we ask for snowy weather photos, we typically get a sneak peak into the backyards of our readers across the Inland Northwest. Charlie Lynch sent KXLY something over and beyond. A snowy afternoon at the Newman Lake Atlas E Missile Silo.Around 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday he wrote, "The winds were really blowing strong for about 10 minutes with heavy snow flurries. Then the winds died down and the sky cleared up, so it is now half grey skies and half blue."Lynch says he'll keep sending us photos during the next few hours and day. He supplied some history about the silo. It was built in 1959, closed in 1965. It remains in decent condition with limited water leakage, a common problem at other silos. 

Nominate An Outstanding Senior

Do you know an outstanding senior citizen? Wouldn't it be great if they were recognized? You can help make that happen!The search is on for Idaho's outstanding senior volunteers. The Salute to Senior Service program, sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care recognizes senior volunteers for the many contributions they make in their local communities. All of you friends, co-workers and family members can nominate deserving seniors for possible state and national honors.

Edge-Cliff Chili Feed Benefits Veterans of Foreign Wars

One of our newsroom staff took this call from what she described as an older gentleman who wanted to share an upcoming event in his neighborhood happening next week. I don't know about you, but this sounds like a bunch of yum.Edge-Cliff's SCOPE is having a chili and hot dog feed on January 28th to benefit Veterans of Foreign Wars. The entry fee for adults in $4.50 while children ages 6-12 for $3.00.The feed is from 4-7 p.m. at the SCOPE Edge-Cliff located at 522 S. Thierman Road.

Preparing for big snow, mountain style

The city and state are getting set for the one of the biggest snows since November of 2011. Trucks in the ready, de-icer and schedules being adjusted to clear streets and roads in a timely manner. The snow sport industry is getting ready as well.The possibility of one to three feet of snow has the ski industry excited and scrambling to make sure the slopes are ready for the very anxious and old snow weary enthusiasts. The six inches many got days ago has been used and reused and the chance for real powder has many asking when?All models look like real snow coming in Tuesday night and staying through Friday for the higher elevations. That could mean anywhere from one to four feet of snow in some areas. That much snow coming in that quick is daunting.

Making a Big Impact With Just A Dollar Per Month

Each month, Dollar Per Month selects three charities for you to vote on. Dollar Per Month posts information about the charities to help you evaluate each and make your decision. I talked with one of its founders Jason Clerget who told me what the charity is trying to accomplish.Why did you decide to start DPM?

Getting Fit Starts Here

If you're looking to make 2012 the year you improve your health, but you're afraid of the gym.. help is here. Valley Hospital's Healthy Woman in inviting you to a little "get together" next Thursday, January 19.This is for folks of all ages and fitness levels. You'll learn some simple steps to reduce the impact of aging and other health risk factors. You'll also get help setting and achieving goals, and staying motivated.

"Deuce Bigalow" Star Coming To Pullman

The "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo" is coming to a town near you.Actor and comedian Rob Schneider is set to perfrom his comedy stand-up act at Washington State University on Sunday, January 29.He'll be at the CUB Senior Ballroom at 8 p.m., with doors opening at 7:30.This event is $12 for WSU Students with ID and is $22 for General Admission.Rob Schneider is known for his roles in films such as "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo", "Hot Chick", and "The Animal."  He will be starring in his own sitcom, "Rob!" on CBS starting this month.Tickets for this event will be released Thursday, January 12th at 10am, and are available at all ticketswest outlets including Beasley Coliseum, online at ticketswest.com or by phone at 800-325-7328.  The Beasley ticket office is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Local State Senator Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

It's the first week of the 2012 legislative session in Olympia and lawmakers are already going head to head about a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage.  Last week, Governor Christine Gregoire announced she plans to propose a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington.If passed, Washington would be the seventh state to recognize same-sex marriage.  However, some lawmakers argue marriage should remain between a man and a woman. Senator Mike Padden (R-Spokane Valley) issued a news release today opposing the bill."I do not support changing the traditional definition of marriage," wrote Senator Padden.