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Ryan Leaf mugs make The Onion

Pardon the brief moment of aggregation, but Ryan Leaf has been formally inducted into The Onion, a parody news source. His unmistakable mug was top and center of the story that says he's a worse criminal than football player.

20,000 eggs hidden for Saturday hunt

This comes from our colleague, Melissa Martin, famous for her DIY chicken stories. ONE* Church in Spokane Valley is hosting what she describes as a "huge" Easter egg hunt. About 20,000 eggs will be hidden at their hunt which means 22 percent of Spokane Valley's population could get at least one egg.

Spokane ranks 25th healthiest Washington county

From hiking to golfing and skiing, the Inland Northwest is home to many outdoor activities, but new research shows that Spokane County falls near the bottom of the list of the healthiest counties in the state. 

Mailboxes target of smashing and bashing

Numerous reports of smashed mailboxes are pouring into the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. The incidents have occurred in the North Foothills area near Newman Lake along Temple, Black and Jim Hill Road.Sheriff's deputies lack any suspect information, so if you have any information regarding these incidents, call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

Traffic school sign-ups now available at police station

Slapped with a speeding ticket? You can now sign up for Traffic School at more locations so you can have the violation taken off your record. With multiple locations to sign-up, now there's no excuse not to! How convenient.Originally you just signed up at District Court in the Public Safety Building on Mallon, but now you can go to the Spokane Valley Police Station, located at 12710 E. Sprague.Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. not including holidays.

Lousy spring weather affects WSU Baseball

We're pretty sure every student that started their morning trek to classes in Pullman Wednesday morning cursed to the heavens above. Predicted winter weather showered upon the Palouse area with an expectation of two to six inches and blustery winds. The National Weather Service is reporting about one inch of snow accumulation in the Pullman area as of this morning.The weather seems to be getting in the way of many activities in the region. Baseball is just one victim of recent weather. The university's baseball team had to suspend and postpone four home games and two on the road during this season all because of bad weather.Here's a list of those affected games provided by Craig Lawson with the WSU Athletics communication department:

Bloomsday In The Movies

How many different ways can you promote something as basic as running? According to the design team promoting the 36th annual Bloomsday Race, there are plenty. And this year, it's promoting the race through downtown Spokane with takeoff posters that look like motion pictures. features a different type of movie - one about zombies, a musical, a movie about a monster, and another about a caveman. 

Wet weather now fuels intenser wildfires later

Wet weather is typically a good thing in regards to the wildfire season, but because the region has experienced some of the wettest weather on record, fires this season could be more intense.Wildfire season officially begins April 15th in Washington though thirteen forest fires have already been reported on Department of Natural Resources protected lands in the past week. The season lasts until October 15th as defined by state law.DNR Arcadia district manager, Andrew Stenbeck, is predicting a normal fire season with high fire danger starting in July. The season's length will continue as normal as well. The effect of a very wet spring just means there will be more vegetative growth fueling intense fires.

10 Washington Congressmen That Ended Term Early

The nice thing about public records, when kept long enough, you collect all sorts of interesting knowledge you never thought would come in handy until the 10th sitting member of the U.S House of Representatives leaves office before completing their term.The Office of Secretary of State historian, Patrick McDonald, compiled a list of Washington congressmen who never finished their term. The latest is Jay Inslee who resigned on March 30th to focus on his campaign for Governor.The 5th congressional district is kind of interesting if you're a fan of patterns. For 24 years in a row, not a single congressman finished his term.

Schools Respond To Child Luring Attempts

There have been a couple of attempted luring cases in local neighborhoods in the last couple of weeks. In response, the Central Valley School District is sending "stranger danger" tips to parents, to discuss with their children. Ask your child to tell you what a "stranger" is. A stranger is someone they don't know, not someone who looks strange. Review scenarios that strangers (predators) may use, including:

Wife holds umbrella over injured husband following accident

The pouring rain prompted a very dedicated wife to hold an umbrella over her husband as first responders attended to his minor injuries Thursday afternoon. The couple was turning into a driveway off of Deer Park-Milan Road just after 1 p.m. when a passing vehicle broadsided them.The husband was the only person involved with the accident with injuries. He was transported to Holy Family.The woman and driver of the other vehicle both signed release forms denying medical attention.

What would you do with $540 million?

If somebody won the all-time record Mega Millions jackpot, they'd walk away with $540 million, not including taxes. The cash option is $389 million. Curious minds wonder how many work places have started up their own underground office pools. If one colleague wins, they'd all share the wealth fair and square.Imagine the sunny beaches you could spend the rest of your life at, frolicking through the warm ocean waves. If that's not your cup of tea, imagine a life of remote solitude enjoying land as far as the eye can see because you own it. Not a neighbor in sight. If you had a wild hair, you could share it with your favorite non-profit, supporting a worthy cause. what they would do with $540 million. Here's a few of their answers: