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Palouse Wind Project Granted CUP

The Palouse Wind Project has come one step closer to reality.  First Wind, a U.S.-based wind energy company, was granted a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the project on May 23rd.  Though the size of the project is still yet to be determined, the permit allows for up to 65 wind turbines and 195 megawatts-- enough energy to power approximately 25,000 homes.  The bulk of the project construction will most likely begin in 2012, however road and infrastructure work could begin this year.  First Wind states that they are dedicated to locally sourcing as much of the labor and material needs as possible.  It is estimated the project will create more than 100 construction jobs and as many as 15 regular, full-time jobs once the project is complete.

WSU physicists devise new way to analyze a bloody crime scene

Don't get him wrong: Fred Gittes is, in his words, "extremely squeamish." But then a scientist with forensics training told him that crime scene investigators could use a better way to analyze blood spatters. The physicist in Gittes rose to the challenge. "It seems as though what was being done was very crude from a physics point of view and that intrigued me," he says.Along with Chris Varney, a doctoral candidate in physics, Gittes has worked out a system that can often determine exactly where blood spatters originate, a critical piece of evidence in not only solving a crime but securing a conviction. A paper on their research, demurely titled "Locating the Source of Projectile Fluid Droplets," has now been accepted for publication in the American Journal of Physics and posted online.

Northeast WA Farmers Markets Open for Business

Farmers from all over Northeastern Washington come together each Saturday for the weekly community farmers market.Located in downtown Colville at Main and Astor, the market will have a selection of fruits, vegetables, breads, plants, handmade gifts and more.  The market is open each Saturday from 9AM-1PM.More information is available at the .

Tales from the Scanner: Guns, Bones and Critters

Morning Rituals: Reporting party advised she is mad because her neighbors start shooting off guns at 6 a.m. She advised it is like living next to the Beverly Hillbillies. (May 21st at 8:11 a.m.in Asotin, Washington)

Up Tick In Tick Season

There are blood sucking predators awaiting people who are looking to enjoy the great outdoors of the Inland Northwest. The Spokane Regional Health District is warning people to be on the lookout for ticks. The Health District says ticks have already shown up this spring and as the temperatures warm, the tick numbers will increase.live in the Spokane area. The first type is called a soft tick. They are most often found in wooded areas and feed at night. Soft ticks carry Relapsing Fever and the scary part is that they bite victims and then drop off. Often times, a person doesn't realize the soft tick has attacked.

Two More Cases of Horse Herpes Confirmed

The WSU College of Veterinary Medicine confirmed two more cases of Equine Herpes Virus Friday morning.  The two horses are inpatients at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture confirmed six horses have the virus in Washington.The hospital reports one of the horses showed clinical neurological signs that are typically characteristic of the EHV-1 virus.

Do-It-Yourself Repair Pays Off

It's been joked about for years that dryers eat socks. But during a do-it-yourself repair session, I found out what dryers really eat and how a handful of screws and a $12.99 part can save you the cost of a new dryer, or repairman. The other night I arrived home to have my wife inform me that the dryer was on the fritz. So I employed the procedures I've learned over the years from the engineers at KXLY. I properly pressed the start button to make sure there wasn't any sort of operator error. Didn't work. I extracted the dryer from against the wall and performed procedure number 2. I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and performed procedure number 1 again. Still didn't work. This must be why I'm not an engineer at KXLY. One of those two procedures usually fixes everything in the newsroom.

Bike To Work Week

Bike to work week ended with a bang today. Easily the warmest morning we've experienced, it felt great to shed a layer of clothing and enjoy the 16 mile ride. So what is the biggest thing I've learned during bike to work week? And I have to tell you the most frustrating issue that plagued me until this morning. Before I knew that May 16th-20th was Bike to Work week, I had already decided to begin commuting to work by bicycle. I live roughly 16 miles from KXLY so it takes a little more planning. I don't want to be a pack mule while riding, so I devised a plan to deliver enough clothing and food to KXLY so I didn't have to worry about carrying anything with me with the exception of a tool kit, spare tube, pump and water bottles.

"Agriculture: Did You Know?"

It feels like a milestone when you can sit down at the dinner table and realize that every major food group was provided by local farmers. According to Greater Spokane Incorporated, in Spokane County alone, it generates $587 million in annual economic impact and 1,576 jobs. They've provided a quick list of stats that they say you may or may not know about our agriculture industry.

"Weekend Outing: Deep Creek Canyon"

The weather is now perfect for adventuring. I'm a proponent of weekend adventures. Local blog, The Spovangelist, has recommended Deep Creek Canyon just south of Nine Mile Falls for a weekend outing. It's located at the following coordinates: N 47º 45' 030" W 117º 32.655' just off of North State Park Dr.


Writing a review about a musical that has received 35 awards and been deemed "The best musical of the decade" by Entertainment Weekly is intimidating. What can I say that hasn't already been said about WICKED? Because of all it's accolades, the Grammy, the Tonys, I shouldn't have been surprised when the house was packed this afternoon, nearly 2,700 seats filled at the INB Performing Arts Center on a Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. You know the show is good when people are cutting class, work and who knows what to see it. If you don't already know the gist of it, .  Courtesy of the WICKED . Now, that that's clear. Here are my two cents.

"Scanner land is a slippery slope"

Some of the most memorable moments of the day happens when we all look at each other in a wide-eyed fashion when something quite awkward was stated on the scanner. The first rule is to always call and confirm. That way we don't look silly with mis-information. The Lewiston Tribune posted a blog entry regarding police scanners and their role in the work of a journalist.

Exempt Your Property from Noxious Weed Chemicals

This is your change to designate the road next to your property as a "no spray" area. The Whitman County Public Works Road Department is looking to treat the surrounding areas with noxious weed chemicals. You have until May 27th to apply for this exemption. Don't let them destroy your row of rare rose bushes that you happen to be growing on the side of a rural road.

Flip Flop Recycling

Nothing says summer more than flip flops.  The squishy sandals help you beat the heat and they can help build a new playground too.  The Old Navy stores in Spokane Valley and Moscow, Idaho are collecting used flip flops.  Collection boxes sit near the front door. . "When a customer comes in they just need to bring their old flip flops and pop them in the box.  It's Simple, " said Spokane Valley store manager Bridget Brooks.  The old sandals are mailed to TerraCycle  in New Jersey and recycled into plastic equipment for new playgrounds.  TerraCycle also recycles used potato chip bags, candy wrappers and children's juice drink pouches.

Bikers Will Honor Cancer Survivor Tommy Mortimer

Maybe you saw the story (above) about 7 year old Tommy Mortimer's brave battle against an rare form of liver cancer on KXLY last year.  At the time, Tommy's chances of a full recovery were very much in doubt.  Well, several months after undergoing a 6 hour long surgery, we're happy to report that Tommy is now cancer-free!To celebrate, the Spokane Falls chapter of Bikers Fighting Cancer will honor Tommy during a special school assembly at Broadway Elementary tomorrow (Friday) at 2:30.  The fundraising group will present Tommy with his own motorcycle vest, and he'll be "patched in" as an official Bikers Fighting Cancer member.  BFC is a non-profit charity that provides emotional and financial support for children with cancer.  Check out their for more info.  And congratulations, Tommy! We wish you a long and healthy, happy life.

Chewelah Still Seeing Flooding

Chewelah still saw floodwaters Wednesday even though the water started to recede a day before.Residents in the area said there are barriers around an apartment complex, St. Paul's Lutheran Church and several fields around the area.Floodwaters started to come into the area around Monday night.

Summer's Here Brew Festival to Happen in Coeur d'Alene Idaho on June 18th

Celebrate the sun and Father's Day weekend by tasting a variety of great beer at the North Idaho Fairgrounds in Coeur d'Alene Idaho on June 18th from 3-7pm! This is also the Car d'Alene Classic Car Event weekend so for anyone who drives their classic car to the event gets VIP parking and the driver gets their logo beer glass and two drink tickets Free.

A Trip to Nationals

The Colville Knowledge Bowl team is going to nationals! The National Academic Championship is being held in Chicago, Illinois on June 11-13th and the team is hoping to go. In order to do so, they need to cover the costs.The Colville School District is contributing some funds to cover part of the overall costs. The team is also asking for help from local community groups like Kiwanis and Rotary. They need to raise enough to cover the rest of the travel costs and the registration fees for the six students and two coaches.

Community Garden Planting

This Saturday is the big Community Planting Day at the East Valley Farms and Schools Partnership garden.  The community garden is located at Trent and Wellesley in Spokane Valley.  People can come help plant seeds that were donated by Second Harvest, Tri Community Grange, and Safeway.  Planting will start at 9am and will go til noon.    The garden provides an exciting opportunity to help the community  and students of the East Valley School District understand the complexities of farming and gardening while building unity among community members.  Last year the garden produced 4,000 pounds of produce.  

Teen Arrested For Sunday Shooting In Rockford

A teenager has been arrested for shooting another man during an overnight party at a home in Rockford last Sunday.Tarique Jeske, 16, has been arrested on a charge of 1st Degree Assault for the early morning shooting that wounded Christopher Comer in the leg.Just before 2 a.m. Sunday Comer's wife called 911 to report that her husband had been shot. Sheriff's deputies responded to a home located in the 16000 block of S. Molter and found Comer and his wife at the residence.

"Old Homes of Spokane"

There are many historic homes around Spokane. Maybe you're living in one of them. The Spokesman Review has a selection of historical homes in the Spokane area with a sliding bar to show the before and after. It's a great presentation. One of my favorites: 1715 N. West Point Dr. The car in the driveway is what some would call... a classic.

Send Your Kids To Theater Camp

 Have a little actor or actress in your house? Why not put their skills to good use. You can enroll them in a theater camp in Spokane Valley, North Spokane or Cheney.CYT's summer camp will fill their day with theater workshops using a Broadway-style theme. Workshops include musical theater, voice, dance and drama. Other activities include high energy games, water balloons, set painting and rehearsals for the Friday Showcase for family and friends.Each summer CYT theater camps are designed to create a hands-on, multi-faceted theater experience! Campers will enjoy making new friends as they build performance skills and learn self-confidence, teamwork and theater abilities.Campers will be exposed to many different aspects of theater, such as drama, voice, dance and more.  where to learn more and sign up.

Volunteer Opportunity: Liberty Lake Community Theatre

The Liberty Lake Community Theatre is moving to a new location and to make that happen, they need your help. They're only moving one mile away to the Meadowwood Tech Campus, but there are piles of seats, flats, stage accessories, concession items that need to be moved. They're looking for folks to come on down with their tools and trucks (if available) to help out. Meals will be provided. The dates for moving are May 21st at 5 p.m. and May 22nd at 9 a.m. Questions? Contact: info@libertylaketheatre.com