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Arizona Sun Devils Playing At WSU For Dad's Weekend

WSU Athletics reports about 5,000 tickets are still available for this weekend's Cougar football match up against the Arizona State Sun Devils. It's also Dad's Weekend. Cue no parking and mass amounts of people in every nook and cranny.It's a late game. It starts at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at Martin Stadium. They're expecting a good turn out.

Now That's a Japanese Maple

That's not a pile of leaves. Surely there are leaf piles in the world that are this big, but this is not it. It's actually a tree. It belongs to the Lowry residence in Lewiston.Kris Crocker, KXLY meteorologist, . She stated that it is not Mr. Snuffleupagus, even though it had some of us fooled.

Fugitive Found Hiding In Hollowed Out TV

Lewiston Police located and arrested a man with felony warrants hiding inside a hollowed out TV set.According to a press release, Brandon Eddins had several warrants out for his arrest including aggravated battery in Idaho and third degree rape in Washington state.A tip led police to a home on the 1400 block of 7th Avenue where police received permission to search the residence.

Daily Evergreen Reports Wins Against Lewis-Clark State

Daily Evergreen Editor-in-Chief Kari Bray and staff reporter Kaitlin Gillespie compile the week's best stories published in the Washington State University student-run newspaper. For more, see their website at dailyevergreen.com or follow them on Twitter at @Dailyevergreen.

Advisory Committee Looking For New Volunteers

A Spokane Valley committee plans to focus on how to bring new visitors and new money to the area. Now they are searching for volunteers to fill two openings on the committee.The Spokane Valley Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LVTAC) is made up of representatives from organizations who push funding efforts to bring visitors to Spokane Valley.

Election 2011: Provisional Ballots at CenterPlace

For whatever reason, dozens of voters found their way to make-shift election centers scattered across Spokane County to vote the old fashioned way. In a booth. It's not a method that's advised for everybody. For those that have unfortunate accidents happen to their ballots on election day, it's the only option.Spokane County Elections provided the stats for their election center, located at CenterPlace. The numbers were... interesting.

Governor Orders Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff

Gov. Otter is ordering flags at state buildings and facilities to fly at half-staff on Friday to honor Idaho State Rep. Pat Takasugi, 62, who passed away earlier this week. Flags will be flown at half-staff from dawn to dusk. the representative died on Sunday night in Boise after battling appendix cancer for the past three years.

Juvenile Escapee Wanted

If you see a teenager running down the street with no shoes and his hands cuffed in front of his body, the Lewiston Police Department wants to hear from you. Though, it's likely the escaped offender has changed his clothes and put some shoes on by now.A 17-year old offender named Dustin Williams ran away from the Juvenile Corrections Center after a dentist appointment Tuesday afternoon. He was last seen running through a nearby field, wearing his state-issued gray sweatshirt and blue jeans and the handcuffs meant to keep him under control.Williams is about 6' tall, 160 pounds. He has short brown hair and the word "LOCO" tattooed across the knuckles of his left hand. He also has the numbers 1 and 3 burned into the back of each hand.

SCRAPS Is Offering Adoption Special on Cats

Imagine waking up every morning with a pair of eyes staring you down. The gentle pawing of their paw on your face. Cat owners know, it's never that gentle, but it's love.Those meowing felines at SCRAPS need a home and maybe it will be yours if you give them a chance. Right now their cat room is filled to the brim with cats and kittens."Many of these cats and kittens you can tell are used to being in a home which is so unfortunate for them as their owners aren't coming in to claim them," said SCRAPS director, Nancy Hill. She continued, "If these cats had some type of identification like a license or a microchip we would gladly return them to their home."

Lewis County Sheriff's Office Leases Used, but Newer Patrol Vehicles

Lewis County residents will start seeing some shiny new law enforcement rigs patrolling the streets. Lewis County Sheriff's Office replaced some of their aging vehicles with used, but newer vehicles.The Sheriff's Office found a Utah car dealership that would give them a better deal by allowing a lease of five used vehicles for the price of four.After trading in two 2005 Dodge Durangos, they were leased three 2008 Ford Explorers, one 2008 Dodge Charger and one 2009 Dodge Charger. The vehicles are then equipped with $6,000 worth of law enforcement equipment like lights and sirens.

Seen at Spokane County Elections

Apparently elections staff are not allowed to freak out. While stopping by the elections office on Tuesday morning, staff were very calm even though voters are still scrambling to find those pesky ballots. This was seen on a backroom elections cork board. Next to it is an obviously destroyed ballot from the 2008 primary. Below is a selection of newspaper cut-outs from the Spokesman-Review. Not pictured is the fire extinguisher. 

Mom Rescues Daughter From Washing Machine

A mother in Central Washington is making national headlines for pulling her daughter out of a horrific situation. Rose Vallee's 5-year-old daughter climbed into or was pushed into a commercial washing machine.

Karen Kearney Shares Her Thoughts On the General Election

Spokane City Council's race for district three started out with three candidates just before the filing deadline in June. Karen Kearney originally filed because, at the time, Steve Salvatori had no one running against him. Kearney withdrew a few days later.Nearly five months later, Kearney is still paying attention the general election. She's got her eye on the same race that she withdrew from."I'm not sure how it will play out. I hope Joy Jones will become elected and be on the city council representing the third district," Kearney shared over the phone at home. Her basset hound barked in the background as she spoke about why she withdrew from the race.

Downtown Lewiston Streetscape Survey Results are Online

The results from a recent downtown streetscape open house survey are in. The project had nearly 150 people respond to the survey online and on paper.The organization, Urban Renewal Agency, is hoping to redesign First and Fifth Street in downtown including reconstructing roadways, sidewalks, public art and the remaining streetscape.View the results at or read a summary below. Another public meeting on the design concepts will take place on November 17th, 5:30 p.m. at the Bell Building, located at 215 D. Street.

Downtown Mural Peers Into Time

An Idaho artist has painted a mural of downtown Lewiston through the years. Peter Goetzinger started the project in September and its finally finished. It's located at 513 Main St. and they'll be "unveiling" the mural on Wednesday at Noon. Technically its unveiled and you can go look at it. 

City Will Unveil "Historical Downtown" Mural

Downtown Lewiston's mural project is set for completion on Wednesday. The Main Street mural began in September for the 513 Main St. wall. The style takes after look into a historic view of the town through downtown.Each panel represents a different time frame. One panel shows the town from 1903 and another displays 1929. The mural was designed and painted by Idaho-based mural artist, who grew up in Lewiston, but now lives in Sandpoint.

Thompson To Be Released From Jail

Judge Fred Van Sickle, citing the unusual and exceptional circumstances surrounding the case, ordered the Karl Thompson be released from pre-sentencing custody.

Karl Thompson Back In Court Monday

Convicted Spokane Police Officer Karl Thompson was ordered to be taken into custody until his hearing months from now, but that could all change on Monday.

Cast of Beauty and the Beast Visit KXLY's Studio

Students from seven Central Valley schools are participating in this year's production of Beauty and the Beast. Some of the cast members visited the KXLY studios today to talk with Good Morning Northwest.It takes a huge team to run a huge production like that. About 75 students are involved with the musical production. They hope to take this production to Seattle's 5th Avenue for their Theatre Awards.The show opened Thursday and runs through November 12th in the University High School theatre, located at 12420 E. 32nd Ave. Show dates are November 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th and 12th starting at 7 p.m. There's a 2 p.m. matinee performance on Sunday.

Spokane Regional Health Fails To Make Budget Decision

Programs with Spokane Regional Health District face being cut because of a $2 million budget shortfall.The proposed 2012 budget could cut parts of SRHD's Children With Special Health Care Needs program and eliminate their water laboratory. Staff from those programs are part of a eight percent decrease, equivalent to full-time employees.The Board of Health failed to reach a decision last week and are holding an additional board meeting next week. They say they need additional time in considering the 2012 budget.

Remember When Moscow, Idaho, Wanted the Olympics?

While searching for story ideas this afternoon, this article from a 1980 issue of the Lewiston Morning Tribune popped up in Google Search.Apparently the Moscow Chamber of Commerce really wanted to have the 1980 summer Olympics in the Idaho city instead of-- the Soviet Union. Now you know how old this article is.The Lewiston Morning Tribune reported they were contacted by a radio disc jockey in California about the idea. Moscow's daily newspaper, the Idahonian ran a cover story on that Saturday exploring the possibility.