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FBI Raid Near Addy

Multiple law enforcement sources have confirmed they are executing a search warrant at a home in Addy, Wash. in relation to the Martin Luther King Day bomb plot and one person has been arrested.

Creach Shooting Decision Delayed Again

Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker is delaying his decision in the officer-involved shooting of Spokane Valley pastor Scott Creach again. Tucker intended to announce Tuesday whether or not the use of force was justified, but said Tuesday morning he'd wait until Friday to release his findings.

Officer-Involved Shooting In North Spokane

A North Spokane man was shot and killed by Spokane Police Officers Sunday morning. Investigators say police were called to the house on a domestic violence report and were met with a man holding a knife.

Tucker Postpones Creach Shooting Decision

It will be at least another week before Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker will rule whether the officer-involved shooting that killed Spokane Valley businessman Scott Creach was justified.

Going Into 2011 Creach Shooting Remains Unresolved

Dominating headlines in our region this year were a rash of deadly law enforcement shootings. Above all others, the shooting of Valley businessman Scott Creach struck a chord with the community, and as clocks turn over to 2011 it remains unresolved.

Fairchild Airmen Continue Mission In Manas

More than 300 Fairchild airman are spending their Veterans Day at the Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan, where Spokane-based crews fly and maintain tankers that refuel fighter jets over Afghanistan.

Sources: More Tests Needed In Creach Case

Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker won?t make a charging decision in the fatal shooting of a Spokane Valley man by a sheriff?s deputy until more tests are done, sources confirm.

Refueling Mission Over Afghanistan

A Fairchild KC-135 flight crew based at Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan participates in a refueling mission over Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Refueling the warfighters over the battlefield

This last weekend, while many people were enjoying the beautiful fall weather or football, hundreds of Fairchild airmen were on the job at the Transit Center at Manas launching planes for missions over Afghanistan. SLIDESHOW: Refueling Mission Over Afghanistan

Inbound to Kyrgyzstan

Following a mandatory crew rest stop at RAF Mildenhall a Fairchild-based KC135 continues on its journey to Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan. Photos courtesy of Tim Martin. Captions written by Jeff Humphrey.

Deploying to Kyrgyzstan

Images from the Fairchild flightline and onboard a KC-135 as KXLY4 Reporter Jeff Humphrey and Photojournalist Tim Martin head to Kyrgyzstan. Photos courtesy of Tim Martin.

Northern Lights, First-Timers and Mandatory Crew Rest

Sometimes the journey can be as interesting as the destination, something that airmen with the 92nd Air Refueling Wing came to appreciate during a Trans-Atlantic flight from Fairchild Air Force Base to RAF Mildenhall in England.