In Their Shoes

Mayor, police chief voice concern over panhandling

While honoring two non-profits for their work during the winter, Mayor David Condon and Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl reaffirmed their mission to stop panhandling, while they emphasized the importance of the city's Give Real Change program.

Point-in-Time study sees decrease in homeless families since last year

Many may be used to seeing single homeless people around the area. Perhaps downtown or asking for money on a street corner. That's simply because they're more visible. What some may not realize, about one quarter of the homeless population in Spokane are families with children, according to Spokane's 2019 Point-in-Time study.

Spokane's Homeless: Where are they from?

When you see a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk or under a bridge, do you ever wonder how their lives ended up this way? Or where they originally came from?