VIDEO: Hoopfest Sunday

The final day of Spokane Hoopfest included a team of mothers and daughters, the championship games, a dunk contest, and a man competing in Hoopfest while also battling brain cancer.

VIDEO: Saturday Hoopfest Blowout

The first day of Spokane Hoopfest featured a returned military serviceman, kids playing their first Hoopfest, and a team that takes fun to a whole new level.

Hoopfest Attendees Brave The Rain

The Hoopfest courts started out wet from early Saturday morning showers and proceeded to get a fresh coat of rain throughout the morning, dampening some spectator's spirits.

Spokane Police Patrol Hoopfest

Whether you're driving for two or shooting for three, all those points won't matter if you don't play a little defense. The team playing the most 'D' on Saturday is arguably the Spokane Police Department.

Hoopfest Honors A Late Spokane Man

It was a bittersweet Hoopfest for the friends and family of Joey Cawyer, who lost has battle with brain cancer in January. Cawyer's family said he loved both basketball and Hoopfest.

Behind the scenes at Hoopfest 24

When it comes to three-on-three basketball, most of us are weekend warriors. We show up, put on our shoes and go. But for the Hoopfest organization this is a year-round job that really ramps up the closer we get to the big weekend.

Massive logistics plan helps bring Hoopfest together

When you have 250,000 people converging on downtown Spokane for Hoopfest, a lot goes into planning for where they can eat, drink, go to the bathroom and use their cell phones. Don't worry. Hoopfest has a plan for that.

Focus on the basics to get ready for Hoopfest

Hoopfest is 23 days away and many of us just can't wait but maybe you find yourself signed up to play and feel you're not quite ready to take the court just yet. If that's the case, here's what to do before the big weekend.

Is Spokane becoming "Sports Town USA"?

Spokane is promoted as "Near Nature, Near Perfect" but with the Gonzaga Men's basketball team at No. 1 and a handful of other major sporting events there's a big argument to be made to call Spokane "Sports Town USA".

Tape goes down at Hoopfest

With Hoopfest just hours away, hundreds of volunteers are working hard transforming the streets of Spokane into more than 400 basketball courts.