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After the storm

Once the storm has passed, clear away fallen fruit and vegetables, which could attract rodents if left to rot on the ground, and remove protection from around plants.

Before the storm

When storms are predicted, close patio umbrellas and store garden furniture indoors, if possible. Examine trees for cracked or broken branches and remove them before they're torn by strong winds and sent flying. If those trees are large, hire a certified arborist to inspect them; the cost is nothing compared to the damage they could cause if they were to break or topple.

Here's what gardeners can do in face of storms

As we celebrate blooming roses, ripening tomatoes and the pollinator frenzy in our backyards, we gardeners also should be aware of the downsides of summer: thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes.

Idaho Dept. of Lands giving away free seedlings for Arbor Day

BOISE, Idaho – People across Idaho can celebrate Arbor Day with free seedlings.  The Idaho Department of Lands is partnering with the Idaho Forest Products Commission to provide seedlings at IDL offices and businesses across the state.  Arbor Day, which…

Last Minute Easter Basket Treats

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10 Spring-Cleaning Products to Spruce Up Your Living Space

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Cleaning the interior‌

You’ll want to clean out the interior section of the grill, as well, removing bits of food and grease that fall into the bowl of the grill to prevent flare-ups.

For the grill of it

Nothing tastes quite as good as vegetables and meat cooked over an open-propane flame or the red-hot briquettes of a barbecue grill.