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The best places to live on the West Coast

Whether you're looking to settle down and raise a family or are interested in hitting the town with your batch of new, educated friends, there’s a place on this list that will surely draw your attention.

The best places to live on the East Coast

Whether you're thinking of the next big move, or you're just browsing to see if your town has made the cut, here's a look at the best places to live on the East Coast.

Home gym planning

As you consider your home gym equipment needs, ask yourself these questions:


The electrical exercise machines are powerful appliances and should be treated as such.


No matter what type of exercise you prefer, there are several things you’ll want to do whether you lift weights, walk on a treadmill or do yoga.

Check your commitment

Make sure your home gym is something you’re actually going to use. It’s potentially a considerable outlay in time, money and space.

The best places to live in the Midwest

Counting down from Waukee, Iowa at to Carmel, Indiana, here are the 100 best places to live in the Midwest. Get comfy and read on to see if your hometown or potential new home made the list.