Home and Garden

Get creative

Experiment with mirrors made of different materials or finishes. Try unexpected shapes such as squares. Mix artwork with mirrors within the same space to create interest.

Pay attention to light

Use mirrors in spaces that don’t receive much light. Small mirrors in a grid can also help reflect light.

Create a series

Try hanging mirrors in pairs or in a series. Mirrors hung in a series help to elongate a hallway.

Try vintage charm

Consider the unexpected like a mirror that is antique or ornate. Antique mirrors hung as a pair help to create drama and elegance in this parlor room.

A leaning option

Consider leaning mirrors as an alternative to those that are wall hung. Utilize mirrors to highlight architectural elements like fireplaces.

Prepare playhouses‌

Kids’ outdoor furniture like playhouses should be cleaned and inspected before it’s time to play. Plastic playhouses and furniture can be hosed down with water, or you can use a pressure washer. For wood playhouses, you may need to use a wood-safe solvent and a soft brush. If you’re concerned about critters finding their way into the playhouse, ward them off by planting mint around it.

Bring out pots and urns‌

If you brought pots and urns indoors during the winter, you can take them outside once temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees. Place the plants and flowers in appropriate areas around your patio or deck — some plants need shade, while others require direct sunlight. If you grew plants indoors during winter with a hydroponic garden, make sure you have enough pots or urns if you’d like to replant them outdoors.