Morning Forecast for May 31

Increased cloud cover and afternoon showers possible 62 for our high today with the Southwest winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. Tonight cloudy with scattered showers 46 for the overnight low.

Evening Forecast for May 29

Temperatures will be cooler this week with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. That's just a little bit below average.

Morning Forecast for May 29

Sunshine and some cloud cover today with a high of 70 that is normal for this time of year. Tonight mostly clear and 44° with light Southwest winds.

Morning Forecast for May 25

Sunshine today with a high of 80 increased clouds. Tonight 57 with a chance of showers and scattered showers expected Saturday with a high of 71°.

Morning Forecast for May 23

Tomorrow we will see the chance of thunderstorms continue. Another high in the low 80s.Things dry out Friday before some changes on Saturday.

Evening Forecast for May 22

Temperatures around the region are more than 15 degrees above average today, with highs in the 80s in most locations.

Morning Forecast for May 22

Sunny and 82° today. A normal highs about 68°. For tonight it's can be clear and mild with an overnight low of 58°. Beautiful weather.

Evening Forecast for May 21

Expect plenty of sunshine and above average temperatures through the forecast, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms each afternoon and evening, mainly over the Central Pandhandle, Idaho Palouse, and Southeastern Washington.

Evening Forecast for May 18

Showers will continue this evening before tapering off overnight. There is still a chance of a few hit or miss showers and thunderstorms on Saturday, mainly in the morning.

Morning Forecast for May 18

Morning rain in afternoon showers with the winds out of the Northeast a high of 62° today tonight cloudy still a chance of showers and an overnight low of 50.

Evening Forecast for May 17

Showers and thunderstorms producing heavy rain have developed this evening over northeastern Washington. These thunderstorms are very slow moving, and are making flooding conditions even worse, especially over Okanogan County. 

Morning Forecast for May 16

Starting a partly cloudy the mostly cloudy with the scattered showers increasing with the potential overnight high today of 72 tonight's low 55°.

Morning Forecast for May 14

For today and tomorrow sunny and hot high of 83° today overnight clear 57 for Tuesday high of 84 and sunny.