Sweet sunshine through the Weekend - Mark

A great Spring forecast with high pressure and sunshine. 70 Today and mid 70's for the weekend. A weak front moves in Sunday night and Monday with breezy, cooler temps. Warms back up mid-week.

Sunny and 70s for the weekend! - Kris

Have you made your weekend plans yet?  I think I've come up with about ten weekend's worth of ideas, because it's going to be GORGEOUS.  However, you don't…

Warming into the 70s for the weekend

High pressure and warming temps drive the forecast with mid 60's today, 70 for Friday. The weekend will be low to mid 70s. A system rolls in cooling us to 60s and partly cloudy next week.

Warmer & Less Wind Today - Mark

Sunshine and less wind NE wind. Warming into the weekend with 60's through Thursday and 70 on Friday. Low to mid 70's and sunny this weekend.

A windy, dry and dusty Tuesday - Mark

NE winds fire up for much of the day and create issues with dust and potential power outages in N. Idaho. Sunny and breezy Wednesday with more sunshine, calmer and warmer weather into the weekend.

Dry, windy and dusty weather for Tuesday -Kris

Tuesday will a challenging day for contact wearers, allergy sufferers and hairdos. Gusty northeast winds will mar an otherwise beautiful, sunny spring day.  Those winds will also bring bigger concerns…

Sunshine and mild temperatures to wrap up this week - Mark

Sunshine and mild today with a front arriving tonight with clouds, gusty winds and scattered snow showers possible. Saturday afternoon and Sunday will see improving conditions. It will be breezy and a slow warm up. Next week's forecast looks great, with temperatures into the 60s.

A quick break between cold fronts on Friday -Kris

I saw just about everything at my house today: rain, snow, graupel and sun!  Friday's weather will be a little less wild.  A flat ridge of high pressure will keep the showers away.  It will be a breezy afternoon, with…