Good Question: What's With All the Mustaches?

From your workplace to the grocery store and maybe even into your own home, something creepy is creeping on the faces of many men this month. The facial-hair growing phenomenon seems like a growing trend. So, we wanted to know: what's with all the mustaches? And, members of the Coeur d'Alene Fire Department were happy to let us in on their hairy secret.

Good Question: When Do Campaign Signs Have to Come Down?

By now, the post-election hangover is starting to fade. Most of the votes have been counted and the nasty campaign ads have made way for ads touting Christmas sales. But, there are - literally - still signs of the election all over Spokane County. It has many of you asking: when do campaign signs have to come down?

Good Question: How can I get politicians to leave me alone?

No matter how engaged you are in the upcoming election, the phone calls, mailers and door knocks can get a little exhausting sometimes. With the mid-term election just eight days away, those campaign efforts are only going to pick up from here. So, what can you do to stop it?

Good Question: What's with all the recalls?

Monday, the USDA announced its recalling nearly 10,000 pounds of ground beef in the Midwest because of possible E. coli contamination. It's just the latest in a string of recalls this summer and it has a lot of people wondering: what's with all the recalls? When do you really need to be concerned?

Good Question: Do those crosswalk signal buttons actually work?

Sometimes, waiting for the light to change so you can walk across the street can feel like an eternity. So, it's nice to have those signal buttons you can press to get a quicker signal. But, do those buttons even work - and, does it help to hit them more than once?

Good Question: Why don't more people vote?

Tuesday is primary election day in Washington. By the time the votes are counted, Secretary of State Sam Reed estimates a voter turnout of about 38 percent. Sounds low, right? Well, that's actually really good for a primary election in a non-presidential year. So, we wanted to know: why don't more people vote?

Good Question: Does a screwcap mean the wine is cheap?

A poet once compared the pop of a wine cork to the opening of a man's heart. But, that pop could eventually be a thing of the past. More and more wineries are replacing the classic cork with the screwcap. But, doesn't a screwcap mean the wine is cheap? Not necessarily.

Good Question: What does it mean when a book is labeled a best-seller?

At bookstores like Auntie's, there are thousands of books to choose from. How do you know where to start, what to choose and what to read in your precious free time? You could go right to the best-seller list, but that doesn't mean you're picking up the best book - or even the one that has sold the most copies. So, what does it really mean when a book is called a bestseller? And, what does it mean to the authors who write those books? RELATED VIDEO: Raw interview with Spokane author Jess Walter

Good Question: Why do we fly flags at half-staff?

It's the ultimate form of respect; flying a flag at half-staff to honor a soldier killed in action. This Independence Day weekend, we look deeper into that time-honored tradition to find the real meaning. What does it really mean to fly a flag at half-staff? Where does this tradition come from?

Good Question: Why Don't More Americans Embrace Soccer?

By the time the 2010 World Cup wraps up in July, it will likely be the most-watched sporting event in history. Each match draws an estimated 125 million viewers worldwide. But, here in the United States, the excitement seems a little lukewarm. Millions of American kids play soccer, so why don't more American fans embrace soccer?

Good Question: What are those rock pillars?

Every day, thousands of cars pass by it; drivers either ignore it altogether or wonder what it is and why it?s there. We?re referring to the rock pillars just above westbound Interstate 90, just past the Hamilton Exit. While we?ve been asking ?what is that?? we should have asked ?what was that? instead.

Good Question: Are we over-sharing on Facebook?

Why do people complain so much about Facebook privacy settings when they seem to share anything and everything about their personal lives on the site? We wanted to know: are we over-sharing on Facebook?

Good Question: What's so bad about gluten?

You've probably seen the labels staring back at you from the grocery store shelves. They're advertising gluten-free products - everything from pizza to ice cream and beer. But, is it healthy or just hype?

Good Question: Why are some people faster than others?

Mark your calendars: You only have 363 days to train for Bloomsday 2011! But, how would you feel if you knew that no matter how hard you trained, you probably couldn't get much faster? That's what we found out when we asked, "Why are some people just faster than others?"

Good Question: What do firefighters do all day?

This week Forbes Magazine released its list of the most stressful jobs in America and the most stressful job on the list was firefighter. There are many major fires in Spokane day in and day out so you might be wondering when nothing's burning, what do firefighters do all day?

Good Question: Is recent earthquake activity a sign of things to come?

Beginning with the deadly Haiti quake in January, earthquakes have dominated the headlines around the world this year. It seems every week, there's another major quake with more damage. Is it a sign of things to come? We went to Eastern Washington University to answer this week's Good Question.

Good Question: Is 3DTV worth the hype?

It seems like decades, but it wasn't that long ago that high-definition television came on the market. For awhile, it was hard to find any programming on TV broadcast in HD. But, that's yesterday's technology news. Now, 3D is coming to a living room near you! But, is it worth the hype - and the cost? Good Question!

Good Question: Why do all female newscasters have deep voices?

If you watch enough news, you may start to think you're seeing double. Or triple. Or quadruple. It seems all TV newscasters are cut from the same cloth, from the way they dress to the way they talk. And, Rick from Clarkston emailed us with one simple question: why do female newscasters have such deep voices?

Good Question: Why didn't Gonzaga build the McCarthey Center with more seats?

It's the hottest ticket in Spokane, but if you've ever tried to get a seat to a Gonzaga men's basketball game you know: getting a seat in the McCarthey Center is much easier said than done. The Mac only seats 6,000 people and has been sold out since the arena opened in 2004. So, we wanted to know: why didn't they just build it with more seats?

Good Question: What exactly is Twitter and what's the point?

75 million people now have accounts on the social networking site Twitter. If you're one of them, you probably love it. If not, you either think it's stupid or you don't quite understand how it works. Amanda in Spokane emailed GoodQuestion@kxly.com asking us to explain what Twitter is, how it works and what's the point of using it.

Good Question: What Happened to the Swine Flu?

It seems like only yesterday when you couldn't turn on the TV without hearing about the Swine Flu. The pandemic dominated the airways last summer and fall and sickened an estimated 57 million people. But, for the last few months Swine Flu has barely been a blip on the news radar. So, we wanted to know: What happened to the Swine Flu?