What it takes to graduate at the Head of the Class

Is there one specific path to academic success in high school? Of course not. But, by gathering 22 of the top graduating students from across the Inland Northwest, we're able to learn valuable lessons about what works – and, what doesn't work – when it comes to education.

Learn lessons for academic success from KXLY4's Head of the Class

Success in school most often leads to success in life. But, how do you get your child on the right path? KXLY4 wanted to know, so we went right the source. We've assembled 22 of the best and brightest students in the Inland Northwest, picked their brains and tried to determine what helped them excel to the Head of the Class.

Spokane Public Schools cracking down on vaccine law

More than 900 students at Spokane Public Schools could be pulled from class on Monday. The district is cracking down on the state law which requires students to either have proof of vaccinations or fill out a exemption waver.

Franklin Elementary students enter the Shark Tank

Each year parents involved with the APPLE program at Franklin Elementary try to offer students something different and unique. This year for APPLE University, students had the opportunity to learn about a variety of professions from firefighting, medicine, and some were even thrown into the Shark Tank.

Spokane elementary schools plan for extended days

Spokane K through 6th graders will be in school an extra half hour starting next school year. The move has been in the works for a year and will catch local elementary schools up with other school schedules in the state.

Washington schools move toward national standards

Despite opposition from many Washington teachers and their union about new national education standards and the tests that will judge how they are being taught, the state is ploughing ahead with its plans to embrace Common Core.