Cracks appear in world's biggest auto alliance

The tension in the world's biggest autos alliance was laid bare Monday when Nissan said it had been denied an opportunity to tell Renault's board the full story about why it fired Carlos Ghosn in late November.

Nissan to sell limited edition sports car for $1.1 million

The Nissan GT-R sports car is already expensive, with a starting price of about $100,000. But, for those who want something truly special, Nissan has announced it will make production versions of the Nissan GT-R50, a radically different looking GT-R with a body created by Italy's Italdesign, for a starting price of €990,000, or about $1.1 million.

At least 1,100 of GM's factory workers will get new jobs

General Motors recently announced that it would be shutting down five car factories in the United States and Canada and cutting 14,000 jobs. GM said at the time that factory workers would be offered jobs at other facilities where production is being increased and on Friday it offered an update on how things are going.

Lyft's John Zimmer put it all on the line to catch Uber

Right now, Lyft is thriving. In the last year, the company expanded its business into bikes, scooters and self-driving cars, and has grown to 4,500 employees. It's ridden a wave of user growth as some customers switched to the platform following a series of scandals at rival Uber. And it recently filed to go public in early 2019, a move that could raise billions of dollars.

Notable recalls of 2018

Several major product recalls have been reported in the United States so far this year. Check our list to see if you could be affected.

Elon Musk: 'I do not respect the SEC'

Elon Musk settled securities fraud charges brought against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year, but he is not done deriding the agency.

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan indicted in Japan

Carlos Ghosn and Nissan, the Japanese automaker he saved from collapse, were indicted Monday on allegations of financial misconduct, deepening a crisis that already brought down one of the global car industry's most iconic figures.

5 tips to keep your tires ready for holiday driving

Holiday season is upon us again; unfortunately, so is the seasonal nasty weather. Be prepared for chilling temps, rain and snow that could easily put a damper on driving to holiday celebrations and shopping sprees with these year-round tips.

Tools you should keep in your car

You never know when your car is going to break down, or you'll need some immediate maintenance. To be prepared, take a look at some tools you should keep in your car.

Drive safely this Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year; it's also one of the most dangerous for pedestrians. Here are a few tips to drive safely and to avoid a scare this Halloween.

What should you ask during an oil change?

When taking your vehicle in for an oil change it's important to make sure you are asking the right questions to get the most out of your service. Take a look at some questions you should ask.

Easy tire tread safety test that only costs a penny

Tires may not be the first thing you notice when you look at a car, but they may be the most important safety and performance element of any vehicle. If it's time to get new tires, consider these 2 factors first and foremost.