Air 4 Adventures

Air 4 Adventure: Antoine Peak

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- It's one of the biggest conservation areas managed by Spokane Parks and Recreation, and one of the highest points surrounding Spokane Valley. Enjoy the views of Antoine…

Air 4 Adventure: Waiting for the Warmth

If shoveling snow and worrying about road conditions have you down, we have just the thing. Tonight's Air 4 Adventure gives you a view of some fun in the sun—and heat, which we'll see once winter ends!

Air 4 Adventure: Pine Street Woods

The Kaniksu Land Trust strives to conserve land so that we can enjoy hikes through forests and fields of lupine. In tonight's Air 4 Adventure, we take you to the Pine Street Woods, just outside of Sandpoint.

Air 4 Adventure: Exploring Wallace

Adventures in the Northwest usually mean adventures off the beaten path. However, in Idaho's Silver Valley, it might mean just taking Exit 61 off of I-90.

Air 4 Adventure: Views of the Spokane River

Our above freezing temperatures mixed with recent snowfall add up to a beautiful Spokane River. And if you're up for a little adventure, one of the best places to see the river in all its glory is Avista's dam in Post Falls.

Air 4 Adventure: Rock Lake

It's the largest and deepest of the Channeled Scabland lakes in eastern Washington. We'll give you a tour of Rock Lake in this week's Air 4 Adventure. 

Air 4 Adventure: Spokane River Plaza

The plaza along the Spokane River opened to brief fanfare in 2019 before quickly closing again, and with COVID-19 and pandemic closures weighing heavy on people's minds, you may not have noticed that it has since reopened! We're taking you there for this week's Air 4 Adventure.

Air 4 Adventure: Community Forest

The mild weather this year is making it easier to step outside for a breath of fresh air. And what better place to do that than the community forest in Post Falls. Just see for yourself. 

Air 4 Adventure: Holmberg Park

In this week's Air 4 Adventure, we're taking you to Holmberg Park in North Spokane, which is a popular place to go sledding this time of year!

Air 4 Adventure: Tubbs Hill

Tubbs Hill is a two-mile hiking loop near Lake Coeur d'Alene that's perfect for all skill levels.  The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running and fishing—and you can bring your dog, too!

Air 4 Adventure: Lookout Pass Ski Resort

SHOSHONE COUNTY, Idaho -- Lookout Ski Resort has gotten nearly 80 inches of snow already this season! Two of its lifts were operating this weekend. See the ski area from a unique perspective with the Air 4 Drone in our…

Air 4 Adventure: Bayview

Bayview is a North Idaho town like no other, located on the southwest shore of Lake Pend Oreille. You can easily recognize it by the nearly 200 floating homes that have been part of the community since 1910.

Air 4 Adventure: Fall in Corbin Park

You don't have to brave the cold to see some gorgeous fall sights—we're flying high above Spokane's Corbin Park in the Air 4 drone. Check out the breathtaking fall colors in this week's Air 4 Adventure.

Air 4 Adventure: Where the two rivers meet

We're giving you a glance at some sunshine in this chilly fall weather. The Air 4 Drone took a trip south of Lewiston to see where the Snake River and Grande Ronde River meet!

Air 4 Adventure: Revett Lake

Tonight, we bring you to a lake not seen by many—just across the Montana border in Idaho. The 4 News Now drone takes you to Revett Lake in tonight's Air 4 Adventure.