Air 4 Adventures

Air 4 Adventure: Exploring Area Lakes

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Do you love fishing? Well, this weekend is free fishing weekend. This means that you do not need a license or parking pass to hit your favorite…

Air 4 Adventure: Heyburn State Park

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho -- Heyburn State Park is the Northwest's oldest state park, opening back in 1908 and consists of 8,000 acres of wilderness and water access. One of the…

Air 4 Adventures: Rathdrum Mountain

RATHDRUM, Idaho -- If you’re thinking about brushing the dust off of your COVID-lockdown and breathing in some fresh air, think about heading over to Rathdrum Mountain, just outside of Rathdrum,…

Air 4 Adventure: Atlas Mill Park

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene is blessed with great beaches and hiking areas on the lake. Now, there's a new place to enjoy; the Atlas Mill Park near Riverstone.…

Air 4 Adventure: English Point

  SPOKANE, Wash. -- It is going to be a fabulous weekend to get out and enjoy nature. One great spot to explore is English Point in North Idaho. Check it…

Air 4 Adventure: Badger Lake

With no rain in the forecast and temperatures increasing, this is a great time to go fishing. One great fishing hole is Badger Lake. Take a look for yourself.

Air 4 Adventure: Antoine Peak

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- It's one of the biggest conservation areas managed by Spokane Parks and Recreation, and one of the highest points surrounding Spokane Valley. Enjoy the views of Antoine…

Air 4 Adventure: Waiting for the Warmth

If shoveling snow and worrying about road conditions have you down, we have just the thing. Tonight's Air 4 Adventure gives you a view of some fun in the sun—and heat, which we'll see once winter ends!

Air 4 Adventure: Pine Street Woods

The Kaniksu Land Trust strives to conserve land so that we can enjoy hikes through forests and fields of lupine. In tonight's Air 4 Adventure, we take you to the Pine Street Woods, just outside of Sandpoint.

Air 4 Adventure: Exploring Wallace

Adventures in the Northwest usually mean adventures off the beaten path. However, in Idaho's Silver Valley, it might mean just taking Exit 61 off of I-90.

Air 4 Adventure: Views of the Spokane River

Our above freezing temperatures mixed with recent snowfall add up to a beautiful Spokane River. And if you're up for a little adventure, one of the best places to see the river in all its glory is Avista's dam in Post Falls.

Air 4 Adventure: Rock Lake

It's the largest and deepest of the Channeled Scabland lakes in eastern Washington. We'll give you a tour of Rock Lake in this week's Air 4 Adventure. 

Air 4 Adventure: Spokane River Plaza

The plaza along the Spokane River opened to brief fanfare in 2019 before quickly closing again, and with COVID-19 and pandemic closures weighing heavy on people's minds, you may not have noticed that it has since reopened! We're taking you there for this week's Air 4 Adventure.

Air 4 Adventure: Community Forest

The mild weather this year is making it easier to step outside for a breath of fresh air. And what better place to do that than the community forest in Post Falls. Just see for yourself. 

Air 4 Adventure: Holmberg Park

In this week's Air 4 Adventure, we're taking you to Holmberg Park in North Spokane, which is a popular place to go sledding this time of year!

Air 4 Adventure: Tubbs Hill

Tubbs Hill is a two-mile hiking loop near Lake Coeur d'Alene that's perfect for all skill levels.  The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running and fishing—and you can bring your dog, too!