Cat killing dog concerns neighbors in North Spokane

Cat killing dog concerns neighbors in North Spokane

Pet owners in one Spokane neighborhood are on edge after a dangerous dog killed two cats in one week.

On Monday, Nancy Holten, who lives on the 1300 block of East Oympic, said a lab mix came into her yard with a cat in its mouth. Holten said the dog shook the cat so hard it died.

“Huge bite marks in its back,” said Nancy Holten.

Holten said she called the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection, but does not believe an officer responded.

On Wednesday, Holten said the dangerous dog came back and this time attacked one of her cats.

“Mojo tried to escape and went up on window. The dog crossed over tomato plants and shook him, mauled him to death in the yard,” said Holten.

Holten’s other cat was so terrified he ran up a tree in her yard. The Spokane Fire Department responded with a ladder truck to safely remove the animal.

“We’re terrified for our pets,” said Holten.

SCRAPS said animal control officers have not been able to locate the animal.

Holten and her neighbor said they’ve reached out to SCRAPS multiple times and have not received an update regarding the dog.

“We’re teachers. We take that responsibility, keeping kids safe, keeping animals safe, those kinds of things we take very seriously. And I was foolish to believe my government agency who is supposed to that took it seriously too,” said Holten.