Caruso found not guilty of rape, kidnapping

Caruso found not guilty of rape, kidnapping

After less than three hours of deliberations a jury found Spokane attorney Bob Caruso not guilty in his rape and kidnapping trial.

Caruso was accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met after he rendered assistance to her in the wake of a car crash she was involved in. His defense team called the sexual relations between Caruso, 78, and the 22-year-old woman consensual.

The defense team also called the accuser’s credibility into question as she was an admitted cocaine user who wanted to stay at Caruso’s home until methamphetamine got out of her system. At the time of the crash she was on pretrial release for a previous DUI and, the defense claimed, she had methamphetamine in her system and used Caruso’s help to avoid being arrested by police.

Prosecutors countered that Caruso kidnapped her and later drugged her with pills and alcohol prior to sexually assaulting her.

Caruso’s only comment leaving the courthouse Tuesday was his thanks to the jury for their not guilty verdicts.