Car Prowling on Pines Road

Car Prowling on Pines Road
Car Prowling on Pines Road

One reader emailed KXLY to spread awareness of car prowlers in one particular area of Spokane Valley. 

Early one morning, Sarah H. left her apartment complex on Pines Rd. to walk to her car. She  described her vehicle as, “decent looking”. That’s when she found her back passenger window broken and the dashboard ripped out. Multiple items had been stolen totaling up to $600. 

After making a report to the police, she starting asking, “Why did this happen?” She didn’t think she was in a questionable neighborhood or that she had any enemies. Why would someone want to viciously attack her car?

She continued in her email saying that later that day she realized she knew seven other people who had the same thing happen to them. They all happened to live on Pines Rd. as well. 

We called the Spokane Valley Police Department to find out if they were aware of any patterns with car prowlers in that neighborhood. Sgt. John Knowels told us: “It’s something that’s happening all over the Spokane Valley and Spokane County. It’s not just Pines Rd. It’s everywhere.”

Knowels provided two steps to increase your prevention of prowling attacks: “Don’t leave anything valuable in your car like wallets, laptops and guns. Parking in well-lit places helps as well.” 

Apparently leaving guns in cars happens more than you’d think.