Car hacks for the snow that work

Car hacks for the snow that work

As you get your shovels and plows out, you might also want to make a stop in your kitchen and bathroom. Some household items you use every day are clever hacks that could cut down on your snow clean-up time. These hacks are cheap, quick and easy, and most of the stuff is probably already in your cupboards.

It’s best to invest in a good ice scraper, but if that isn’t an option, reach in to your wallet and pull out a credit card. They make the best substitute scrapers. If you don’t want to risk damage to your credit card, a kitchen spatula can do the trick. Avoid using items made of glass or metal as they can scratch and damage your car windows.

To cut down on scraping time, take an old pair of socks and put them on your windshield wipers. For your side mirrors, grab two gallon-size zip-lock bags and cover them up. These hacks will keep wipers and mirrors from freezing.

If you run out of de-icer, water and vinegar make a good DIY substitute. Mix together three parts vinegar with one part water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray it on to your windshield.

Applying a thin level of shaving cream to the inside of your car windows can keep them from fogging up as shaving cream contains some of the same stuff found in defoggers. Once you apply the thin layer, wipe it down with a paper towel.

Cat litter is good for more than just the box at home. Placing extra bags of litter in the bed of your truck can help to weigh it down. Keeping it in your vehicle can also help if you hit an icy road. It can help to create traction. Filling a sock with litter and leaving it in your car overnight is another way to keep windows from fogging up.

If you worry about your doors freezing, grab cooking spray and apply it to the rubber around the edges of the door and then wipe it down the night before. When you head outside to use your car, bring hand sanitizer. Rubbing it on a snowy door handle is a quick and easy way to thaw it out.

It’s important to make sure you have maximum visibility in a snowstorm. To make sure your lights are shining as bright as can be, cover headlights with toothpaste and then rinse them off with warm water.

In addition to keeping an emergency kit in your car equipped with a blanket, change of clothes, First Aid kit, snacks and water, keep a piece of cardboard in the trunk. It can be useful if you get stuck in the snow. Also useful? A second pair of socks. If you need to push your car out of the snow, putting a pair of socks over your shoes can give you extra traction.