Car crashes through fence at dog shelter Rescue4All, no one injured

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dog shelter and nonprofit Rescue4All is now stuck with a smashed-up fence after a driver crashed through and into the property early Tuesday morning.

Nonprofit owner Jamie McAtee said an 80-foot stretch of the refuge’s fencing was destroyed by a reckless driver. According to pictures shared on Rescue4All’s Instagram, the driver appeared to crash through the fence in a minivan, swerving through the front yard, smashing trees and breaking through another part of the fence.

McAtee says that, thankfully, no animals were hurt — she had just finished feeding the pups, many of whom have special needs and medical conditions, and they were all indoors in their crates.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene.

Shortly after the incident, McAtee says neighbors came over to temporarily fix the fence, getting it back together enough to keep the dogs on the property.

Pictures show a length of steel bar from the fence impaled all the way through the minivan, entering through the windshield and coming out the back of the car. The driver appeared to be uninjured, and McAtee said in a Facebook Live later on Tuesday afternoon that drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash — 4 News Now has reached out to the Sheriff’s Office for confirmation.