Car accessories you’ll love

Car accessories you’ll love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, take a look at some unique car accessories that you’re sure to love.

Eyelashes for your car: Do you want to give your car a more feminine look? Consider adding these Carlashes ( These can be a fun and playful addition to your car.

Mobile Office: Have you ever wished you had a way to work in your car while you’re waiting for someone, or maybe you’re trying to catch up on some e-mails in between meetings? The Buddy Desk allows you to do so. It installs into the bottom of your steering wheel and provides you with a flat surface to work on your tablet, laptop, write notes or even eat lunch (

Portable microwave: Yes, you can actually microwave food in your car. If you’re trying to eat lunch while running errands, or want a snack on a road trip, a portable microwave can be convenient. You can power it through your car’s battery or the cigarette lighter.

Back seat assist: For some, getting out of a car’s backseat can be difficult. Instead of using the headrest from the front seat to pull on, add the Back Seat Assist to the back of your car seats. This handle allows back-seat passengers to tug on the handle when they need to get out of the car. (

BodyGard Emergency Tools: This key chain attachment features five safety gadgets that will help you if you find yourself in an emergency situation in your vehicle. It includes a tool to cut your seat belt, to break a window, an alarm, a flasher and a flashlight. (–Accessories–Car.html)