Can’t decide where to go for dinner? Gonzaga grads create app for that

Can’t decide where to go for dinner? Gonzaga grads create app for that

Have you ever had planned a night out with your friends or family and couldn’t decide where to eat for dinner? Two Gonzaga students have created an app to solve that very problem.

The app is called WildRide. Based off some choice made by users, the app decides what you should have for dinner. The catch is that you don’t know where you’re going.

“WildRide will pick a mystery bar or restaurant for you. And then you can drive yourself, or you can take an Uber, but the entire time the destination remains a mystery and you don’t know where you’re going until you actually get there,” said WildRide CEO Hope Morgan.

And you won’t be taken to any chains or fast food restaurants. WildRide only chooses restaurants that are locally owned with a 4-star rating or higher on Yelp.

Morgan and WildRide COO Chloe Sabo came up with the idea during an assignment in an entrepreneurship class at GU. The task was to draw two random words written on slips of paper, and combine them to come up with a product.

“So, I had gotten the words ‘Uber’ and ‘roulette.’ So, I paired those together and I was like’ how can I make this work?'” said Morgan.

Morgan and Sabo threw around some ideas, before coming up with the concept of WildRide.

“Though it may not be very extreme, people do go back and forth about where to eat all the time. And the more and more people we talked with, the more and more people identified with that problem,” Sabo said.

The two did some test runs with friends and other Gonzaga students before deciding to move forward with creating an app.

Now, two months later, the app has been downloaded 2,000 times.

The two say they have been receiving good feedback from users on how to make the app better, and how much they have enjoyed using it.

“People will say ‘WildRide took me to this great, cute spot that I never knew of in my town,’ and that’s exactly what we’re working our butts off for is to get that kind of feedback,” said Sabo.

Sabo and Morgan are working to expand the app to every city in the U.S. and make WildRide a profitable company.

“That would be amazing to be straight out of college, start my own company and be my own boss. So, that would be the goal,” said Morgan.