Candidate Wendle receives criticism over campaign ad

In a new campaign advertisement, candidate for Spokane City Council President Cindy Wendle said she doesn’t recognize Spokane anymore.

People watching this new ad may not recognize it either. That’s because the photo used wasn’t taken in Spokane. It’s a homeless camp in Baltimore.

“I’m not going to send a crew down to a homeless camp without an escort or somebody else there with them. A second issue too is making sure we’re respectful of Spokane,” said Wendle.

Her competitor Breean Beggs said this advertisement does the opposite of that.

“This ad is just kind of typical of several of the candidates trying to scare people in Spokane,” said Beggs.

The ad goes on to quote 4 News Now, saying that drug related crimes are up 33%. However, that’s not accurate. On October 10th, we reported that there has been a 33% increase in the downtown precinct.

“We have problems in Spokane, but we are so much better off than when I came here in the 1980’s,” said Beggs.

“Crime is crime. I mean, the downtown is in Spokane,” said Wendle.

According to the Spokane Police Department, there were more than 2,500 drug related incidents in 2019.

“It’s happening here and people know it, and we want to talk about it,” said Wendle.

Beggs said the drug epidemic is something the city has already been working to fix.

The drug problem is a nationwide problem. Anyone saying that city council has created the drug problem or that a new city council president will stop the drug problem is just a tactic to scare people,” said Beggs.

While both candidates have different views on the issue, it’s ultimately up to voters to decide.

We asked Wendle if she thought using the picture was misleading. She said it was not.