Cancer survivor flips switch for ‘Making Spirits Bright’ holiday display at Children’s Hospital.

Cancer survivor flips switch for ‘Making Spirits Bright’ holiday display at Children’s Hospital.

You may have seen the lighting of Cowley Park Wednesday night. It’s the latest Extreme Team project to brighten spirits for kids at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital this holiday season.

This year a special young boy helped flip the switch to light the park, something cancer kept him from doing last year.

Josh Wigen’s battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma started in September of 2016 and sidelined him last year for the special event. His mom Jen says it just brought the fragility of life front and center.

“Some people say, moment by moment but it truly is breath by breath,” said Jen Wigen.

Which is why it was tough when Josh missed out on lighting the park up last year.

“I got sent to the ER 10 minutes before the lights came on,” said Josh. “I felt sad that I didn’t get to do it.”

Volunteers started working on this year’s project, Saturday, putting in long hours in the rain and cold.

“This year is ‘Making Spirits Bright’ and it truly is doing that,” said Jen.

And instead of just watching from the bleachers, like he did last year, Josh was on the field stringing lights.

“I’m glad they’re doing this and this is really special,” said Josh.

For Josh, helping set up is better than watching crews put up lights because he knows first hand the joy it brings to those who may be wondering if this could be their last Christmas.

“They get to see something that will bring their spirits up,” said Josh.

“You have the darkness, the dark days but there’s always joy and there’s always blessings and there’s always good things to be grateful for,” said Jen.

To all the Avista crews, landscapers, Winter Glow volunteers and many others, Josh says, ‘thank you’ and speaks for many of the kids and families at Children’s Hospital this holiday too.