Camp Reed renting out cabins to families for socially distant summer fun

DEER PARK, Wash. – It’s been a tough summer for families. That’s why a local summer camp is setting out to help people make the most of the time they have. 

105 years of memories and counting. 

“I did, growing up, I came here every summer,” said Aaron Norris. “This is my first summer being back.” 

It’s been nine years since Norris stepped foot into Camp Reed. 

“It was always the best part of summer, it was always my most favorite memories in my childhood memories,” said Norris. 

Now he’s making more memories with his family. 

“Right when we heard, we bought the tickets ten minutes later, because it’s just one of those opportunities we won’t get again, as adults to come out and spend time here,” said Norris. 

It’s a place to get away from what’s happening in the world. 

“It just brings a sense of calm to me. It’s just like the most relaxing for me,” Norris said.

Allowing families to rent out cabins has been a win-win for both Camp Reed and the families who need somewhere to go this summer. 

It’s been rough for the camp, having to let down hundreds of kids who were excited to come back. 

Health officials say it’s not safe for large gatherings during the pandemic, in the phase we’re in, so Camp Reed improvised by holding a virtual camp. Still, it wasn’t the same. 

So, they found another way to let families back in. 

“It’s a way to be outdoors and spend some time with your family and then also supporting camp,” said Phil “Buster” Harrison, director of Camp Reed. “Obviously we’re not running our traditional camp in a sense. Like many other businesses, we’re going through that and going through the struggle.” 

Harrison says they’ve seen a good response from families, seeing many people come through again. 

It may not be exactly the same, but even COVID-19 can’t stop a little family fun. 

Families can book their stay for any length of time, up until Labor Day weekend. After that, they’ll only be open on weekends for the rest of the month. CLICK HERE to learn more.