Camp Hope occupants could be cleared out as soon as next month

SPOKANE, Wash. — The clock is ticking for Spokane to potentially receive millions in funding to help clear out Camp Hope.

Almost 25 million dollars have been earmarked for Spokane County by the Washington Department of Commerce to clear people from Camp Hope.

Spokane County, however, will only receive that funding if they submit a proposal to the Department of Commerce by July 21st.

“This isn’t a safe place, it’s not a humane place, certainly not a healthy place, and the individuals who are suffering there really need help, and that’s what these dollars specifically address to do,” said Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward.

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If Spokane does receive the funding, the mayor says people could be moving out of the camp as soon as August.

“One of the parts of this plan is identifying properties that can be quickly purchased, and converted into housing for those that are camping in the encampments,” Woodward said.

Wicked Glass is just a few blocks from Camp Hope. Owner, Hunter Kates is anxiously waiting for Camp Hope to be cleared.

“They mess with our garbage, and they come in. We’ve had four broken windows so far, cars being broken into, they leave trash all over the place,” he said. “Yeah, it’s been wreaking havoc around here.”

READ: Mayor proposes camping compromise, local businesses expect little change

The mayor says they’re working with Spokane County, Spokane Valley, and City Council to get those funds.

“We get one application, so the application is going to be stronger if we can show collaboration regionally on how we’re going to address this encampment,” she said.

Spokane could receive even more money from the Department of Commerce if needed.