Cameras, phones seized from murdered mom’s home may have videos connected to her death

Cameras, phones seized from murdered mom’s home may have videos connected to her death

Authorities have filed a search warrant to request access to cell phones and cameras that made provide more information into the murder of Arezu Kashify.

Kashify, who fled to Spokane from Afghanistan a few years ago, was found dead in her apartment earlier this month after she was reported missing. Her husband, Wahid Kashify, is suspected of killing her. Deputies from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said Wahid bought a one-way ticket to Dubai after Arezu went missing and have filed a $1 million extradition warrant in hopes of bringing him back to the United States.

According to new court documents, investigators found three cell phones and two cameras inside the apartment the Kashifys shared. Investigators believe there may be evidence related to the crime on those devices.

Court documents state Kashify’s friend contacted police to file a missing person report saying she had not seen Kashify since May 26.

The friend told police she had talked to Kashify’s father. He said Wahid had told him that Kashify was leaving him.

Kashify’s friend also told police that she was unsure of any history of domestic violence, but that she did see a large bruise on Kashify’s leg and that she had reportedly been collecting court paperwork regarding her relationship with Wahid.

After receiving this and other information from the initial missing person report, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Deputies went to Kashify’s apartment. However, after their initial search, nothing out of the ordinary was found.

According to court documents, a nurse practitioner saw information on the case and called authorities to give more information on Kashify. She stated that Kashify had been in her office in late March or early April. During the visit, the practitioner gained the impression that Kashify was afraid of her husband. The nurse practitioner then offered to contact law enforcement to get her help, but Kashify declined saying Wahid would kill her immediately.

Another man called Crime Check after seeing a press release. He said he worked with Wahid. The man claimed Wahid had told him that Kashify was displeased with the amount of women Wahid was around. Wahid said that he would “go back to Afghanistan and get a new wife.” During a follow-up conversation with the co-worker, he stated that Wahid quit his job on May 26 without notice.

On June 1, a Toyota Sienna registered to Wahid was located at Spokane International Airport. Taxi cabs owned by Wahid were found near the couple’s apartment and taken into lockup by authorities. Both vehicles have infotainment systems that could provide additional evidence.

During a search of one of the Sienna, authorities found a note in the center console that read “I live in 33 E Graves Rd – My phone code is 25****. There is a video or two videos that you can watch and judge. Thanks.”

On June 4, after another, more thorough search of the apartment, a female body was found hidden inside. The Medical Examiner later confirmed the body was Kashify’s.

According to additional documents from the investigation, Kashify’s body was found beneath the false bottom of a chest freezer.

The case is being investigated as a homicide and the couple’s children were put in the care of Child Protective Services.