Camel strolls through PetSmart in Michigan

Camel strolls through PetSmart in Michigan
Facebook/Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo via CNN

Why did the camel cross the road? To find out how much he weighed.

Last Sunday, Jeffrey the Camel was taken to a PetSmart in Michigan.

Jeffrey is part of Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo in Muskegon. His trainer needed to know the camel’s exact weight in order to know how much medicine and vaccines Jeffrey needed.

To work on his skills riding in a trailer to get to an industrial scale, the zoo decided to take him on a practice trip and PetSmart seemed as good a place as any.

While the pet store chain is known for its policy allowing many pet owners to take their animals friends shopping with them, camels are not usually on their list of allowed pets.

“We knew he loved people and thought PetSmart would be a great place to practice,” Jenny Ferels, brand ambassador at Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo, told WLS-TV in Chicago. “The managers agreed and off we went.”

A video on the zoo’s Facebook page showing Jeffrey strolling into the store went viral with more than 100,000 views.

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Other shoppers at the store seemed to enjoy getting a glimpse of the 11-year-old camel as they shopped for their own pets.

“Jeffrey loved every minute of it, he absolutely adores meeting people,” Ferrel told WLS-TV. “He’s a ham.”

When Jeffrey eventually got to his scale to be weighed, it was determined he is exactly 1,400 pounds, WLS-TV reported.