Calmer, warmer and more wonderful weather for Thursday. -Kris

After three straight days of gusty winds, we’re going to calm things down a bit starting tonight. In fact, winds are already starting to diminish. Temperatures tonight will drop below freezing in most locations with partly cloudy skies, so expect a chilly start to Thursday. HOWEVER, temperatures will be on the rise through the day, and should top out about 10 degrees above average with a mix of sun and clouds. In Spokane, that means mid 50s in the afternoon.

Thursday Day Planner

A slow moving frontal system approaches for Friday, and it’s bringing a lot of wet weather to the area, especially over the Palouse and the central Idaho Panhandle. Expect light rain in Spokane as early as Friday afternoon. The odds of rain increase overnight Friday and into a soggy Saturday. There is the possibility of snow in the lower elevations Saturday morning, but it will be brief, and mainly just a dusting on the grassy surfaces.

Thursday Surface And Upper Wind Map

The dry, sunny weather returns on Sunday and continues through the middle of next workweek.

Planning Forecast