Businesses trying to get by during Monroe construction

Businesses trying to get by during Monroe construction

It’s only the second week of construction on a revitalization project on North Monroe, but already businesses say they are feeling the brunt of the busy arterial being closed.

Many storefronts are inaccessible, and businesses say they are relying on regular customers to keep them afloat.

On Monroe, it’s already been a long week for many businesses.

“We’ve seen a drop in business,” said Jason Huston, the owner of Moezy Tavern on North Monroe.

The construction is affecting just about everyone.

“Not only business owners, but delivery drivers, people that live in the neighborhood that have a lot more traffic coming through” said Huston.

But, businesses are feeling the brunt of this construction. Many business owners told KXLY off camera that they were frustrated that the construction doesn’t appear to be moving quick enough.

Huston said while Moezy Tavern has struggled, they are thankful for the many loyal customers they have.

“We’re really fortunate to have our regulars and to have a strong group of locals that come in and so, it hasn’t affected us as horribly as some of these businesses, but it hasn’t been good for us,” he said.

Other businesses have tried their own tactics to combat the construction closures.

Skippers posted to Facebook Monday, saying their sales had dropped 30% during the first week of construction. The restaurant said it could lead to employees being laid off and other businesses closing their doors.

But the post seemed to work. When KXLY paid the restaurant a visit during lunch Tuesday, owners told us they were so busy, they didn’t have time to talk.

Businesses say all they can do now, is remind customers their doors are open, and hope for the best.

“Business is definitely open on Monroe and everyone can continue to stay in business and plug along while we go through this project,” said Huston.

Some businesses said they are excited to see what the finished project will look like on Monroe, but others worry that reducing the lanes from five to three will reduce business when it’s all over. They say only time will tell, but in the meantime, want to remind customers that their doors are still open, and they need your business.