Businesses hold fundraiser for Spokane Valley girl injured in car accident

Businesses hold fundraiser for Spokane Valley girl injured in car accident
Shannon Bakken

As Taytum Nevers, 17, recovers from the head-on collision that sent her to the hospital for two weeks, local businesses are pulling together to help take care of the expenses that followed the accident.

Nevers said she was driving to work at Taco Bell early in the morning on April 22. She said she took her usual route, which takes her to the intersection of Pine and Trent. As she took a left turn, she said she noticed an oncoming car running a red light. Nevers said she was hit head-on.

“I heard the front bumper of his car hit the front bumper of mine because it was head on,” Nevers said. “I heard it and then I saw my windshield shatter before my eyes so I just like threw my arm over my face and waited for it to be over.”

When it was over, Nevers just wanted to see one person — her mom, Shannon Bakken.

“The first thing I did was I called for my mom, like out loud,” Nevers said. “I looked up at my face in the rear view mirror and it was just covered in blood and every time I opened my mouth, you know, blood would come out because I almost bit my tongue in half.”

Nevers said a witness ran over to her, then called her mom.

“Of course instant panic sets in, you know, that’s one of the worst phone calls you can get as a mom,” Bakken said.

Bakken describes the scene as “mayhem.” With shards of glass stuck in her face and elbow, Nevers said she looked down and immediately knew her leg was broken. She said the car she just bought herself in March was towed away. Then, Nevers said she spent two weeks in the hospital.

Now, the Big Dog Bar and Grill on Division and King’s Bar and Grill on Mission are holding a fundraiser for Nevers. The businesses are selling 50/50 raffle tickets, with half of the proceeds going toward Nevers and her family. Nevers and Bakken say they’re blown away by the support.

“I feel like the fundraiser’s really going to help, hopefully,” Nevers said. “And I can just not have to worry about it as much because I just want things to go back to normal.”

The Big Dog and King’s will sell the raffle tickets at five dollars a piece until Friday May 11.