Businesses continue to require masks despite new guidance

SPOKANE, Wash. — The CDC says you can go without a mask if you’re vaccinated in most public places. Not everyone is following suit just yet because many local businesses are keeping their mask orders for employees and customers.

As of this week, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel on our Path 4ward. Gov. Jay Inslee says the economy will be completely open by the end of June, maybe sooner if more people get vaccinated. In an effort to make it there safely though, local businesses are playing it safe, till then.

“Our goal is to get everyone to the June date, wherein theory everyone is like 70 percent vaccinated,” said Aunties owner John Waite. Auntie’s bookstore has its sights set on a full reopening. So for now, they’re making a few extra sacrifices in hopes of getting there safely. “We feel like that is the best way for us to participate in that,” Waite said.

Despite the new guidance from the CDC and Inslee, they’re asking customers to mask up before entry, and they know their audience. “We kind of know what our customer base wants and we know what the people who come in here want. So we feel like we’re serving our customer’s needs,” Waite said. “The easiest thing for me to do to kind of get us all through this.”

General manager Jon Brown at Ruins restaurant shares a similar sentiment. “Just seems like a small thing for us to be able to do to make sure we’re as safe as possible,” Brown said. They say this is a unique chance to go just a little further at the tail end to ensure they’re doing their part. “We just feel like we have an opportunity to knock this enemy out & I’d hate to leave it breathing on the map,” Brown said.

At Maryhill Winery, they’re trusting in the guidance of Inslee and the CDC and are maintaining 50% capacity. “I’m certainly not going to go against what they believe. If they’ve issued guidance and they believe it’s safe, then I believe it’s safe,” said owner Craig Leuthold. “We’re going to allow fully vaccinated people to come to our facility without masks.” With summer on the horizon, they’re also hopeful we meet the required metrics for a full reopening come to the end of June.

You’ve heard it before, no shoes, no shirt, no service & this is virtually the same thing. Businesses do have the right to require masks if they so chose to.

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