Business is blooming: Florist businesses busy filling springtime orders ahead of Mother’s Day

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — The Plant Farm said they’re grateful to be an essential, agricultural business during this pandemic.

One of the owners, Alan Creach, said things have changed for them though.

Online ordering has spiked and more people have come in to pickup those orders.

However, you can still shop around in the greenhouse and the retail shop, which recently reopened.

Creach said they are taking steps to encourage social distancing and he’s seen a lot of customers wearing face masks.

This spring, they’ve had an increase in orders much earlier than anticipated.

“Typically, almost every year, Mother’s Day is the peak day. But what we’ve seen is that it’s probably ramped up, probably four weeks, maybe even five weeks ahead,” said Creach.

Meaning, if you’re still looking to order, the earlier the better.

But it’s not only flowers that are selling this time of year.

Tomato and pepper plants from their greenhouse are also hot items right now.

Creach said it’s been a great Spring and they anticipate this trend to continue for the rest of the season when it comes to people doing garden and yard work.

“The vegetable business, I think, has increased by probably double. The flower business is ramping and it’s going to continue to ramp,” he said. “I think we’re going to see people planting their yards all the way well past Memorial Day and even into the mid-part of June.”

You can order now on The Plant Farm’s website.

Hasse’s Greenhouse and Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse are two businesses that have been absolutely slammed with Mother’s Day orders.

Liberty Park is no longer selling fresh flowers, only garden center items like hanging baskets, green plants and succulents — which they say can all still make great gifts.